How to Remove Rhino Liner Easily Methods

Many people do not find the need to remove truck bed liners, and they think it can last forever. Though in most cases the rhino liner lasts for long, they will fade away over long use.

It requires aggressive work to remove the bed liner from the truck. However, with intelligent thinking and proper process, removing the liner without causing damage to the vehicle becomes stress less.

What Is A Rhino Liner?

What Is A Rhino Liner

Rhino Liner is a famous brand of truck spray-in-bed liners that protect the bed of your truck. Rhino liner is preferred over bolt-on bed liner when it comes to protecting your bed from rust, corrosion or scratches. It will stick to your bed without affecting the moisture.

Unfortunately, Rhino Liner, though relatively easy to install, is complicated and laborious to remove.

Why Should You Find It Essential To Remove Rhino Liner?

Frequent exposure to UV radiation will fade the color of the bed no matter how hard it is. Furthermore, due to regular use, stains of oil, grease, and water are unavoidable.

You cannot avoid fractures and cracks on the liner even if you carry regular maintenance. In most cases, these tears and cracks become sharp and can cause injuries to person loading material on the bed.

These Injuries are the most visible reasons why you want to know how to remove the bed liner. It is advisable to know the right procedure for removing rhino liner to avoid injuries that can result from its cracks.

Different Ways On How To Remove Rhino Liner

 You can remove the rhino liner in the following ways:

1. Using Chemicals

Using Chemicals

Some of the top-rated auto work chemicals are used extensively in the removal of bed liners from old trucks. Since this product is made from a dangerous component, you must apply them with great care.

Be sure to be protected with goggle, gloves, and protective clothing to protect against spillage.

When using chemicals, only apply it in small measure and wait for some time. Chemicals help to quickly remove the old rhino liner better without damaging the truck's metal bed.

2. Wire Wheel Equipped With An Angle Grinder

Wire Wheel Equipped With An Angle Grinder

If you want to remove rhino liner but reluctant to apply chemicals may be because of their effect, you can decide to use the wire wheel equipped with an angle grinder. This approach will need a lot of patience and time but is less dangerous.

3. Using The Hot Air Gun With The Chisel On The Liner

Using The Hot Air Gun With

This is another way you can use to remove bed liner.

When going for this approach, be sure to select the chisel for faster work. With a hot air gun on the liner, parts break off faster. Be sure to tilt the chisel to avoid damaging the bed of the truck.

4. Using The Sandpaper  

Using The Sandpaper

The final way of removing rhino liner is to use sandpaper or any scraper. Even if you use one of the above methods to remove rhino liner fully, you need a scrapper. The above methods will not fully remove the rhino liner.

Sandpaper can be used to remove remnants of the liner. Fine sandpaper can be used to smoothen the surface of the bed after rhino liner removal.

How To Remove Rhino Bed Liner  Step By Step Guide 

Step 1: First Asses The Vehicle

First Asses The Vehicle

Assess the track and look for flakes, cracks, and rusts in the lining material. If you find any, it is ok to go. Furthermore, assessing will help you know exactly where the cracks or flakes are and this will ease the removal process.

Step 2: Getting Ready For The Process

First Asses The Vehicle

Park your vehicle in a secure place. Get a respirator, gloves, and other protective clothes to avoid staining. One thing you must not miss is a respirator and a mask as you will be handling chemical. You can find them at any nearest home improvement store.

Step 3: Coating The Solution


Use the garden spray nozzle to coat the solution to your Rhino Liner. Do not overcoat, but make sure to coat all areas of the Rhino Liner. Wait for 30 to 45 minutes before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Scraping


Scraping is almost the final step of removing the bed liner. Starting near the cab, and going towards the back of the truck, scrap off the liner. This will be a very difficult work to scrap all the liner off the bed, even if you have applied the chemical.

Step 4: Wash With Water

Wash With Water

Finally and immediately, wash the bed of your truck with water, the solution may cause color damage if left on too long.

Precaution Measures When Removing Rhino Liner

Before you start the rhino liner removal procedure, here are some of the things you should remember to have a smooth and accident-free liner removal process.

The procedure involves the use of chemicals, so before you make any step, ensure that you are securely covered with masks, gloves, and respirator. This will prevent the fine dust particles or vapors from the eyes or the skin.

  • Work in the area that is overcast and easy to wash, as the Bed liner removal process can be messy.
  • When you are doing it for the first time, be sure to research more on the process before implementing. Seek suggestions from those who have previously removed liners.
  • After the process, install another spray liner or repaint the bed to prevent the surface from being damaged, scratched or rusted again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I ply the bed liner by myself?

Yes, you can ply it under by the right procedure. However, if you are considering applying a bed liner yourself, Rhino bed liners are the standard of comparison.

2. Does the rhino bed liner have some threat to the environment?

No. The spraying procedure is done without air or solvent, and this has little to no environmental effects.

3. Is there an alternative to rhino bed liner?

There are many alternatives, however, when looking for the bed liner, it is best to look for the qualities that you desire.  You can consider; Herculiner, Duplicolor, Grizzly Grip, Plasti Kote.

4. What are do-it-yourself liquid bed liners?

Do it yourself liquid bed liners are durable truck coverings that are easy to repair and easy to install. This can be an excellent option to improve the appearance of your truck and add some much-needed protection to the vehicle.

5. Are bed liners the same? What makes them different?

Different companies make their liners with varying amounts of ingredients and different textures, but they are all similar and intended for the same purpose.

Final Words

If you have a damaged, faded or need to replace the liner with the new one, there you have the right and safe procedure. 

After replacing, you will still need to remember this procedure, because it can still be damaged based on how you will be using it. Therefore, the above procedure is ideal and applicable for years to come.

One thing to always put in mind is that when replacing the truck bed liner with the new one, double check if the surface is cleaned and repaired before the new liner is installed correctly.

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