Best Spark Plugs for 350 TBI Reviews 2023

Yes, they look small and irrelevant. But the spark plug is one of the most important parts of your car engine. It basically dictates the health of your engine. If your spark plug is bad, you will notice a decline in quite a few things.

For starters, your engine would start overworking itself - bad news for your fuel economy. Then, you would start to experience problems every time you try to start your car.

While other factors could be responsible, changing your spark plug might be the simple solution to your car troubles.

Stay with us longer as we take you through everything you need to know about spark plugs.

We also reviewed the best spark plugs for 350 tbi And then, there is a buying guide too. But first, benefits!

Benefits of Using Spark Plugs for 350 TBI

Spark plugs are the perfect depiction of the phrase "small but mighty." Simply put, although spark plugs are small, they make up a very important aspect of your car engine.

Sure, you are on a budget. That is cool if you ask me. But, you honestly do not want to make the mistake of buying a spark plug that is bad for your engine.

It would drastically affect the performance of your car and might damage the engine. Curious about what the best plugs for chevy Tahoe can do for you? Me too! Keep reading, and let's find out its numerous benefits.

Great Fuel Economy:

Fuel efficiency comes with a lot of merits.

First, you would save you some money. How? You wouldn't need to spend too much money on fuel if your engine efficiently managed the fuel you buy.

You would be able to cover long distances without worrying about how low the fuel tank has gotten again. For a car owner, that sure is a blessing that you can get with the best chevy 350 spark plugs.

Running your engine on spark plugs that are worn out only stresses your engine. Also, the combustion process would require extra work.

All these combined forces your engine to consume a lot more fuel than it should. Have your engines started to show signs of not running smoothly?

It is probably time for you to swap your old spark plugs for your new ones. Make it feel like a new car once again.

Improved Engine and Acceleration Response:

So, every time you catch a car advert on TV, the model used to advertise the car often always steps on the gas pedal.

Honestly, the acceleration and engine response is always mind-blowing. If you love cars, you'd know what I mean.

Now, you get into your car and step on the gas pedal. In your head, you expect to hear that same acceleration response as you've just heard on TV.

Instead, your engine makes a weak sound that you're not proud of. Well, you can simply fix this by replacing your spark plug.

A fresh set of spark plugs would improve the acceleration and engine response of your car or truck. Yeah, even to the point of making it sound like a monster.

Smoother Your Engine Idle:

Sometimes, you get stopped by the traffic light or have to wait at a spot in your car for a friend. Rather than turn the engine off, you might choose to let it run idle.

However, if you notice that the engine idle is rough or can't keep a constant or smooth rotation rate, then you've got a rugged engine idle problem.

One of the ways to fix this problem is to change your spark plug, especially if you can't remember the last time you changed it (oops!)

If you can't remember the last time you changed your spark plug, then you need to change it as soon as possible. Trust me, your engine idle would become smoother.

Amazing Engine Starts:

It is always a fantastic experience when you effortlessly get your car started.

You would most likely have a less frustrating day. Imagine having to run out of the house to work very early in the morning, but while in your fancy office outfit, you turn the ignition, and the engine screams but doesn't start.

Yes, that is truly frustrating. Guess what? The worn-out plug is probably why you are experiencing those rocky engines start every morning before work. Get a new plug and replace the old one. Viola! Your car starts with ease.

Note: if you recently changed your spark plug, then maybe your car isn't starting because of something else. In this case, unless you are a mechanical engineer, kindly seek the services of an expert mechanic.

Our Top 10 Best Spark Plugs for 350 TBI Reviews

1. Bosch Automotive 9614 Double Iridium

You know you are in for a treat when the product you ordered lasts longer than expected, all the while functioning at an incredibly high performance.

Newsflash: this spark plug from Bosch automotive wraps all the goodness you need in a spark plug in this spark plug.

But, high performance and durability aren't the only tricks wrapped up in the sleeves of this spark plug.

Let's dive deeper.

For starters, the nickel-plated shell is coated with corrosion-resistant protection. In other words, it won't be covered with rust anytime soon.

And guess what? This spark plug comes pre-gapped. Hence, you do not have to worry about gapping it again.

The fine wire firing pin is about 0.6mm and it ensures you enjoy amazing ignition as it delivers excellent performance.

If you're wondering what the guarantee of the fact that it delivers excellent performance is, pay attention for a bit. This spark plug is made of double iridium.

Iridium spark plugs have a long life span and also perform excellently.

Now, you can start your car with ease without those screeching noise and jerky moves. Simply turn the ignition and watch your car start up immediately.


  • Made with a double iridium electrode.
  • Long-lasting.
  • High-performance spark plugs.
  • Pre-gapped.
  • Corrosion-resistant.

2. ACDelco  Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 4)

When it comes to experience in providing original motor equipment parts, ACDelco has a lot of experience in abundance. They are an innovative brand that is passionate about producing quality equipment for your car.

Hence, it is no surprise that this spark plug is listed as one of the best spark plugs for chevy 350.

Here's what makes it so special.

You can use this spark plug without worrying if it is compatible with your car or not. ACDelco designed this spark plug to function excellently with most of the modern engines on the market.

What more?

It won't wear and tear. As a result of their innovative thinking, ACDelco has made it impossible for this spark plug to wear out.

Even though it has a seven (7) year's warranty period, do not expect it to damage your engine or function poorly or not work at all.

The reason? This spark plug was designed to last for as long as it can. Honestly, it would last beyond the warranty period.

In addition, you can bid poor engine idle farewell with this ACDelco spark plugs. The iridium material fosters smooth performance and better engine idle.

You no longer need to be ashamed of your car engine. Grant it access to optimum performance with this pack of 4 spark plugs from ACDelco.


  • Durable
  • Better engine idling
  • 7 years warranty
  • Improved fuel ignition
  • Great for cold starting
  • Aids quick acceleration.

3. NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs TR5GP - 8 PCS NEW

Regardless of how beautiful a spark plug is, nobody likes it when it is difficult to install. That factor could easily turn people off.

Even though it has a lot of benefits, its installation difficulty might be discouraging. Fortunately, the exact opposite is the story of this spark plug.

Manufactured by NGK, the first adorable feature of this spark plug is that it is really easy to install. Nevertheless, you might find it difficult if you know nothing about spark plug installation.

In this case, simply reach out to your mechanic or someone who knows their way around installing spark plugs. Aside from its easy installation process, this spark plug has a flexible heat range. Just as its installation is easy, its heat range is also easy.

What more?

Coming from NGK, you do not have to bother about whether it would work well or not. The reason? NGK is a brand that specializes in delivering quality products that work well. Guess what? These spark plugs can last for long.

The best part?

If you love traveling a lot or embarking on really long-distance journeys by road, this spark plug was made for you. Once installed in your car, it improves your fuel efficiency.

Hence, you might not need to stop by the gas station every 30 minutes or less to refuel your tank. It ensures your gas sustains you efficiently all through the journey, regardless of how long the distance is.


  • Maximizes/ improves fuel economy.
  • Durable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Great packaging.

4. ACDelco Professional Platinum Spark Plug, Pack of 1

While it might be cool to be stingy with what you have to those around you, you should never be stingy with yourself and your car's essential needs. For instance, you notice that your car engine has started acting up.

Not paying attention to it at all will definitely result in more problems than expected. Funny story, you might only need to spend a couple of dollars on any of the best spark plugs for chevy 350 and, viola! Your engine, once again, functions perfectly.

So, you would rather not be selfish with your car health. And, if you're confused about which spark plug to buy, here's why this spark plug from ACDelco might be right for you.

It is durable. In other words, this spark plug is like a lifetime investment. Why? The platinum material used to create this plug guarantees that it would continue to persistently serve your needs for a long while.

But here's the catch: it might not fit your car model. So, ensure you take time out to check which car model it is perfect for.

However, if it is compatible with your car, you would enjoy its presence in it.


  • Better performance
  • Durability
  • Fixes misfiring problems.
  • Platinum material.

5. E3 Spark Plug Automotive 4/Box

Nothing brightens the heart of a truck owner more than when a spark plug has so much worth but is still affordable. Truck owners, brace yourself up.

Let's dive into what makes this spark plug one of the best spark plugs for 350 tbi.

With copper as its electrode core, this spark plug is capable of boosting or enhancing your truck acceleration. It goes from having a weak acceleration to have a strong sounding one.

Let's also not forget that this spark plug helps you to manage your fuel very well. It doesn't just drain it; it puts it to good use so you can take your truck on a long mile trip anytime you want with no regrets.

In addition, if you are tired of not being able to start your car smoothly in the mornings, try swapping your spark plug with E3 spark plugs for two reasons. First, your old spark plug is burnt and has worn out already.

Hence you need a new one. Second, E3 spark plugs have a knack for giving trucks a smoother and quicker start.

More importantly, E3 spark plugs are an awesome choice for drivers who seek to reduce carbon and hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere.

With amazing technology, the E3 spark plug reduces up to 42% and 58% of carbon and hydrocarbon emissions, respectively.


  • Carbon and hydrocarbon emission reduction.
  • Better acceleration.
  • Better engine starts.
  • Has colder heat ranges.

6. NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP 4 PCS NEW

When you see that a spark plug is made from Platinum, you know that it can only be full of all the good stuff required to an efficient spark plug to function. As predicted, this platinum spark plug from NGK holds a lot of benefits for car engines. Let's take a look.

If you are a car street racer, you should find this first feature quite fascinating. This 4 pcs NGK spark plug ensures that your engine power is entirely maximized. So, there's no slacking while you are racing. And, your car is at its best performance. Automatically, it gives you an edge at winning the race.

What more?

It doesn't only bless your car engines with an amazing performance. It also ensures that every drop of fuel consumed is put to good use. In other words, your fuel economy is improved. Your engine won't ever get in the habit of overusing itself, thereby burning too much fuel than is necessary.

In addition, because it comes pre-gapped, you might not need to do many adjustments. Mostly, you would just need to install after taking it out of the pack. And guess what? This spark plug installation is one of the easiest. Transform your car from running poorly to running smoothly.


  • Run your car engine smoothly.
  • Made of the platinum electrode.
  • Maximizes car engines.
  • Better car performance.

7. NGK 7397 Spark Plug

If you are familiar with iridium, you would know that iridium is a big deal in the kingdom of spark plugs. Amongst the four materials used for spark plugs, iridium is the best. And guess what? This spark plug is made of iridium. Now, buckle your seat belt because we're going for a ride.

Ever felt what improved or better ignition is like? Yes? No? Wow! The feeling is truly satisfying. Turning the ignition of your car smoothly and without hesitation or loads of trial and error. Well, this spark plug from NGK can get you this perfect ignition.

There's more

This spark plug also touches your throttle response. Don't worry; it doesn't damage it or mess it up. It just boosts it. Yes, you heard, right. This spark plug increases or improves your time rate of change of power levels.

In addition, this spark plug persistently generates a stable spark as it works in your engine. A bonus? Once you get it, you probably would need to wait a long while to change the spark plug again.

The reason is that this spark plug is durable. Hence, it would take quite a while before it starts wearing out and showing signs that you need a new one. In the long run, you get to save money.

Since it has a high melting point, it is compatible with modern engines with high performance. On its own, the spark plug is corrosion-resistant and it is all thanks to its metal plate.


  • Better throttle performance
  • High melting point.
  • Anti-seizing.

The Thing to Consider Before When Buying Spark Plugs for 350 TBI

There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to when getting yourself new chevy 350 spark plugs. If you don't want to experience setbacks while using certain spark plugs, you should take heed to these features.

Here, we discuss some of the features you need to consider when shopping for a spark plug.

The Material:

The material used for the spark plug is very crucial to the performance of the plug. It also determines the type of engine that is compatible with it.

Generally, spark plugs can be made with four (4) types of materials. They include Copper, Platinum, Double Platinum, and Iridium. Copper spark plugs are quite affordable and are quite basic in terms of function.

However, there was a time when they were the best spark plugs because they worked perfectly with older engine models. Nowadays, except your car runs on an older engine model, copper spark plugs are compatible with your new model engine. There are other options for you.

If you seek to improve the fuel efficiency of your car, you should try to get platinum spark plugs. Aside from improving fuel efficiency, they ensure that your engine functions great.

Overall, they are a better and durable option compared to Copper spark plugs. From the name double-platinum, it is easy to tell that this type of spark plug is the better version of the platinum spark plug.

While the platinum plugs deliver better performance, the double-platinum offers enhanced better performance. They also function better than platinum spark plugs when it comes to efficiency and durability.

While the previously mentioned spark plugs perform well, the iridium spark plugs are regarded as the best spark plugs. It works to improve your gas mileage and delivers an excellent performance.

But there is a catch.

The iridium plugs are more expensive than the other types. It is all thanks to the innovation devised on building it.

Heat Rating:

Heat rating refers to how fast or slow your spark plug transports heat from its firing end to the cylinder head water jacket, down to the cooling system.

Before you purchase a spark plug, always check the heat rating number to know the best temperature for your spark plug can work well in.

For example, does it perform better in colder or hotter temperatures? If you are looking for a spark plug that would function well in cold temperature, simply look at the number.

Spark plugs with higher heat rating numbers are designed to work well in cold temperatures. Spark plugs that are rated as low heat plugs range from 2-5.

You will enjoy using these kinds of plugs if you pair them with vehicles that are light-duty. With firing ends that heat up pretty fast; on the other hand, high heat rating or cold plugs are great for heavy-duty engines.

Electrode Gap:

The electrode gap of a spark plug is another important feature to look out for. Why?

Among other reasons, the gap is what enhances or improves your engine's performance.

You are most likely to see the gap measured either in inches or millimeters. The best electrode gap range for cars starts from 0.6 to 1.8 millimeters.

Nevertheless, don't just go to the market and get any spark plug with an electrode gap. If your spark plug's electrode gap doesn't fall within the above-stated range, you can get a mechanic to adjust it for you.

Newsflash: you need to ensure that the electrode gap of your spark plug is similar to the specifications in the manual.

User Friendly:

Without mincing words, spark plugs that are not pre-gapped aren't user friendly. The reason? If you are a novice at this spark plug game, you might find adjusting the electrode gap to fit your vehicle's recommendation a bit tricky.

Hence, you might need the seek the help of a third party. But, pre-gapped spark plugs do not really require adjustments.


This feature is important for your spark plug. You would most likely use them to do a lot. Hence, it takes plugs that are corrosion resistant to last beyond its warranty period. Corrosion-resistant spark plugs could also help solve problems like rough idling, misfiring, etc.

How to Install a Spark Plug

Spark plug installation is a skill that anyone can learn. You just need a few guidelines and viola! You are good to go. Here's how to install a new spark plug.

First, clean the hole in the Spark plug. Use a cloth that is clean and lint-free. It would help you get more dirt out.

Coat the thread with oil. But not too much. You might want to use a dipstick for this.

Once successfully coated, use your hand to thread the plug into the engine. Ensure that you're turning it in a clockwise motion.

Do not use the sockets yet. Start by completing two full turns before using the socket and ratchet of the spark plug.

Tighten the spark plug with the ratchet and socket. Be careful not to overdo the tightness.

Inspect the state of the spark plug cable before you connect it to the boot. If it is in good condition, lubricate the boot with silicone. Then, attach it to the plug.

Do the same for fixing the other spark plugs.

Viola! Your spark plug has been successfully installed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Spark Plug Gap on a Chevy 350

The best plug gap of chevy 350 is 0.035 inches. Nevertheless, you shouldn't be too trusting. Ensure that you always check the electrode gap with a gap gauge tool. It would help you verify the plug gap before you go on to use it for your chevy 350.

If, after checking, you discover that the gap is not up to 0.035 inches, don't worry; you can always adjust it yourself or ask a mechanic to adjust it for you.

2. How Often Should I Replace My Spark Plugs?

Healthy spark plugs are crucial to the overall performance of your vehicle. If your spark plug is bad or worn-out, you are most likely stressing your engine. Eventually, you could damage it.

To prevent damages to your engine and other car components and system, it is advised that you should generally change your spark plug every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. What determines the exact miles for you is your car model and the extent to which you drive around in it.

3. What Tools Do I Need to Replace or Install My Spark Plug?

So, you want to learn a new skill. That's cool. This skill of changing your spark plug will actually save you quite a few doughs. Before you attempt to install or replace your spark plug, ensure you have your tools ready.

You will need a carefully chosen spark plug, anti-seize lube to ensure the spark plug doesn't get stuck, a Spark plug socket, and hand tools.

4. What is the Best Material for Spark Plugs?

Although spark plugs come in four varieties, the best spark plug materials are double-platinum and iridium. Both materials are durable and enhance the performance of your engine.

5. What is the Benefit of a Healthy Spark Plug?

There are numerous benefits that spark plugs deliver to the end-user. For starters, they ensure that your car gets off to a good start every time you turn the ignition. They also ensure that your fuel consumption is efficient.

Also, when you have to get your engine into the engine idle mode, it makes it smooth as opposed to rough.

Final Word

Now that you know some of the best spark plugs for 350 tbi, you're probably expecting our best overall pick, right? Well, while all the reviewed spark plugs are absolutely valued for money, our best pick is the Bosch Automotive 9614 Double Iridium.

Aside from delivering better engine performance, this spark plug is corrosion-resistant, durable, and delivers superior ignition. Also, it is designed with double iridium material.

However, if you are on a budget, then you should go for the NGK 7397 Spark Plug. It also delivers optimum performance and is long-lasting with its single iridium material.

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