TJ Vs JK Wrangler – Head to Head Comparison

​Among the various categories and models of Jeep Wrangler, JK and TJ are the most known models out and about today. TJ and JK have been around since 1996-2006 and 2006-2018 respectively, making them the two latest models of Wrangler other than the current line of Jeep Wrangler. Being a car enthusiast, I had to take […]

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What is Synthetic Oil and How Long Does It Last?

​We all know that the fuel (gasoline or diesel) powers the vehicle engine through a process of internal combustion. Once powered, the engine parts move in coordination so that the vehicle will work. These parts, to operate smoothly requires a lubricant. The lubricant can be synthetic or conventional which reduces the friction between the parts and favors […]

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