Best Anchors for Plaster Walls Reviews and Useful Information

Just imagine moving into a house or a new office space that has plaster walls. Initially, you might think that there is no hope when it comes to redecorating it because of the plaster walls. But, finding the best anchors for plaster walls is all you need to transform your home or office space into a more conducive environment for you.

Of course, anchors are a better way to hang heavy things on a plaster wall, especially when there is no wall stud in the spot you want to hang your object. Sadly, there are a lot of anchors in the market and from different brands, with the majority being of low-quality.

They say good things are hard to find. Well, even though it might be challenging to find high-quality anchors, we have created a list of anchors for plaster walls for you. In it, you would find the best anchors around as well as a buying guide and the brands you can trust to get high-quality anchors. Without further ado, let's dive right in.

Benefits of Using Anchors for Plaster Walls?

Using anchors to hang objects on your plaster wall has quite a few benefits. Here are some of those benefits.


Honestly, you do not want to waste your time looking for wall studs. Yeah! You sure have heard that wall studs are the best options to hang your items on plaster walls. While they are genuinely the best options, you should know that you most likely won't find wall studs in the preferred areas you would like to hang your object.

Unless you do not care much about interior decorations, this probably won't be a problem for you. But imagine needing to hang your television, and the only place you find a wall stud is close to the ceiling or at an inconvenient location on the wall.

What would you do? Would you keep wasting your time trying to discover more wall studs or rather save time by just getting a suitable wall anchor for your needs? I bet the second option is what you would jump at for obvious reasons - it saves time.

You don't have to climb a chair or ladder or get discouraged about hanging your favorite art painting on the best part of your wall. Simply order an anchoring kit, drill, screw, and install. Boom! You'd get your items hung in no time.


Undoubtedly, the best screws for plaster walls enable flexibility. Here's how. They allow you to hang your objects at your desired location. Simply choose a spot, install an anchor, and hang your objects.

Best Anchors for Plaster Walls Reviews 2023

1. Toofix Self Drilling Drywall Plastic Anchors with Screws Kit

Recently moved into a house, and you found out that the walls are 100% plaster walls? Don't worry. Your dream decoration for your house isn't ruined yet.

Actually, scratch that! It hasn't been ruined at all especially if you have the self-drilling drywall plastic anchors with screws kit from Toofix. This is one of the best anchors for plaster walls.

Toofix is a brand that specializes in the creation of plasterboard wall plugs that would last you close to a lifetime. The fact that they use plastic as anchors defiles the notion that it would snap once anything is hung on it. With this anchor kit, they have proven themselves yet again. Let's see what this kit is all about.

For starters, it has a great hold. Once installed into the wall, it holds your decorations firmly to the wall, without shaking or threat of falling off anytime soon. Also, being a self-drilling anchor, installing this type of anchor is very easy as you can use the anchor itself to pre-drill the hole you need for installation.

Material wise, it is made of durable plastic. Thanks to the deep-threaded designs of these wall fasteners for plaster, you can screw and unscrew them easily without the risk of them breaking in the process.

The durable plastic will ensure that you can keep using these anchors for quite a long while. You most likely won't start shopping for another anchor.

Guess what? Even though this anchor is made out of plastic, you can use it for medium-duty tasks. We strongly advise against using it to hang heavy objects like your television or a heavy frame. For safety reasons, strictly only use it for light to medium objects.

Precisely, you can hang objects up to 50lbs. For anything more, you should be very skeptical and not try it at all.

It comes in white transparent plastic with 20 plastic anchors.

Highlighted Features:

  • For gypsum wallboard with 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8", this anchor provides strong engagement with its deep thread design.
  • Made from durable plastic to last you for almost a lifetime.
  • Capable of holding items that weigh up to 50lbs.
  • Doesn't need a pre-drill hole for installation.

2. Leanking Plastic Drywall Wall Anchors Screw Assortment Kit 300 Pieces

Here is another plasterboard wall plugs kit for hanging your object on wherever you please. Coming from Leanking, you have more than enough to play with. As the name suggests, this "assortment" kit has over 200 pieces of anchors and screws combined. And, they all work wonderfully. Let's see how.

First, the anchors are made of plastic. But, it is unlike any plastic material for anchors that you've ever seen. The uniqueness of these anchors' plastic material is in its ability to say long and hold your shelves and other objects in place without snapping off.

I guess you could call this kit a melting pot for different sizes of anchors and screws. The sizes range from 5- 25MM, 25/30MM, to 8- 38/60/80MM. The best part is that you would install it smoothly without it slipping out of your hand during the installation process. Trust me that can be excruciating.

Unfortunately, it is not like the kit from Toofix. In other words, you have to drill in a hole first before you begin the installation process. But, be careful while doing this so as not to create a crack on the wall.

The anchors come in four different colors, namely white, yellow, blue, and grey -quite colorful, right? The ten different sizes ensure flexibility so that all your needs are met.

Also, their holding power is strong enough to hang quite a few objects like your lights, mirrors, shelves, picture frames, etc. Let's also not forget to mention that the screws are made of stainless steel.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with 10 screw and anchor sizes for various house functions. 
  • The anchors are made in four different colors, probably for aesthetic sake.
  • Anchors are made of durable plastic, while screws are made of stainless steel.
  • The sizes range from 5- 25MM, 25/30MM, to 8- 38/60/80MM.
  • The assortment kit comes in a transparent compartment box for easy storage.

3. T.K.Excellent Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Ribbed Anchors

Here is another colorful assortment kit of wall fasteners for plaster from but from a different brand. T.K. Excellent has been in the business of making durable and versatile anchors for a few purposes within the house.

So, this would be a good buy if you lay your hands on it, especially if you want to hang a light or near-weightless objects. I'll show you why it is worth it, so you won't think I'm merely bluffing.

First off, it is quite frustrating when you are trying to insert your screw into its anchor that is already in the wall, but the anchor keeps rotating. That can be energy and time-consuming. But guess what? This anchor eliminates this problem with its notched wings.

The notched wings have two expansion points that hold it firmly once it is in the wall. This ensures that you can easily install the screw into the anchor.

The best part is the plastic material used for this anchor kit. Aside from the plastic being sturdy, it has a host of other superpowers. For instance, it doesn't get covered in rust, and it has anti-aging properties.

Furthermore, it is corrosion-resistant and is easy to remove. So when you are moving, you won't struggle too much to take out the anchors.

Also, the anchors come in three colors and different sizes. The three colors include blue, yellow, and green. Both the screws and the anchors come in a 6 part transparent compartment box that aids easy storage. Each anchor and screws have their place in the compartment box.

For instance, the blue, yellow, and green anchors sit in different parts of the compartment box. As with other self-drilling anchors, the installation process is easy. Newsflash, you don't need a drill to install it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a six-part transparent box.
  • The anchors have three different colors: blue, green, and yellow.
  • The sizes include #6x1",#8x1-1/4", #10x1-½" with the anchors sizes being E6,E7,E8.
  • Fashioned for lightweight objects. 

4. Qualihome Drywall and Hollow-Wall Anchor Assortment Kit

If the name Qualihome doesn't make you think that they produce "quality anchors," I don't know what else will. The brand is quite passionate about creating quality anchors for home use. And trust me, they are very sturdy and will last you for a long while.

The first feature that gets our eyes is the ribs that Qualihome created with this anchor. Its purpose is simply to prevent damages that may occur while you are trying to install it. Nevertheless, its grip on any wall is quite firm. You won't ever have to worry about your shelf crashing down on a random day you are out of the house.

It is quite versatile as it doesn't only work as screw anchors for plaster walls but also for drywalls. So, in case your home wall is made of drywall, and your office wall is made of plaster - or vice versa, this kit will always come in handy for you.

The screws and anchors are carefully and neatly arranged in an eight-part transparent compartment box that you can carry around, if necessary. It is perfect for hanging bathroom and kitchen accessories, curtains, picture frames, and other interior decorations that you need to hang.

This time around, this colorful accessory kit comes in four colors, including white, brown, red, and blue. Also, it comes in different sizes ranging from 6 x 3/4 inch, 6 Pieces. #6 x 1 inch, 22 Pieces. #8 x 1 inch, 4 Pieces to #10 x 1-1/4" inch. With a variety of sizes, it sure meets most of your hanging needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Variety of sizes ranging from 6 x 3/4 inch, 6 Pieces. #6 x 1 inch, 22 Pieces. #8 x 1 inch, 4 Pieces to #10 x 1-1/4" inch
  • Comes in a transparent eight compartment box with four colors- red, blue, white, and brown.
  • Anchors have ribs to prevent damage during the installation process.
  • Durable and works for quite a lot of purposes.

5. Qualihome Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit, 100 Pieces

Qualihomes proved themselves again with this self-drill anchor. But, this time around, they made a plastic self-drilling anchor that includes the ease of installation feature to their long history of creating high-quality anchors. 

Of course, most of the best anchors for plastic walls are made of plastic, just like this anchor. It comes in a convenient and transparent two-compartment box and is an all-white anchor. If you are looking to hang your collection of artwork, office, or home mini shelves, then this anchor is right for you.

Unlike most plastic anchors, this anchor was made out of premium quality plastic. And this means that it would last you a very long time while. Also, you do not need to pre-drill a hole to install it. Simply drill a hole into your wall using the anchor.

The blockbuster? It has a rib. This rib is what holds the anchor in place once it is inside the wall. Then, regardless of whether your wall is thick or thin, this anchor is designed to pierce into your wall to make a firm hold.

Let's not forget the deep thread design of this anchor. As a result of this deep thread design, it can engage with gypsum wallboards of about 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8". Since it was made in the USA, we didn't expect less. And guess what? We were blown away and far from disappointed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Deep design engagement with gypsum wallboards with 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8".
  • It was forged with durable plastic to serve you for as long as you want.
  • You do not need to pre-drill a hole to install it. 
  • It is perfect for hanging objects that weigh 50lbs.

6. HongWay 370pcs Plastic Wall Anchors Kit with Screws

We can't exactly talk about the best plaster wall anchors without reviewing these plasterboard wall plugs from China. Hongway is a company that has been in the business of ensuring that everyone has access to affordable tools required to perform a task successfully. For instance, this anchor kit simplified the home decor process.

The first best thing about this kit is the compartment box. It is divided into about 11, and it allows you to divide the anchors according to their various sizes. It helps you be organized and know which compartment box has the anchor's size to hang any object.

Although made with plastic, the exterior is made of zinc to prevent corrosion. It is also heat resistant. Another impressive feature is that it is sturdy, making your drilling task easier.

Unlike other anchors, this anchor features five colors. These colors are brown, blue, green, grey, and yellow. Then, there are four different anchor sizes. These different sizes tend to different home needs. They include the 20*1.3mm, 25*1.4mm, 30*2mm, and 35*2mm.

The only catch is that it is for lightweight items. Of course, there are 370 anchors in this kit. But, you can't use them to hang heavy or medium objects. Or else, you would damage the anchor, your object, and the plaster wall.

But look on the brighter side. You do not need to pre-drill a hole to install the anchor. The anchor can drill the required hole itself, and it stays firm in the wall. So, if you are thinking of hanging a lightweight picture frame or something else that does have too much weight, this anchor could bail you out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in an organized compartment box that arranges the anchors by size.
  •  The Zinc plated material makes it corrosion and heat resistant.
  • It works for hanging lightweight objects.
  • There are 370 anchors with five different colors in this kit.

7. Ansoon Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit

Combining the forces of Zinc and the self-drilling style, this anchor from Ansoon is one of the best wall anchors for plaster walls. The reason should be obvious now, but I'll tell, just in case you haven't figured it out yet.

Zinc is one material that can withstand corrosion, and it is thanks to its corrosion-resistant feature. Then, self-drilling makes it better by simplifying the entire installation process. Hence, you would only need your screwdriver and the kit for installation.

Aside from being durable, you would be able to remove the anchor whenever you want. Hence, you no longer have to leave your anchor in the wall for the new tenant when you are moving out of a house or when you are moving out of your old office location.

The installation process is quite easy. Simply drill a hole in the wall using your anchor. Then, put the screw in and screw it tight. Self-drilling anchors have a firm hold on a wall, so you shouldn't be bothered about the anchor breaking.

The engagement that the deep thread design provides is quite strong in gypsum wallboards with 3/8”, 1/2” or 5/8”. Unlike the other anchors, it doesn't have that colorful touch as it is plain silver in color. You can confidently use them to hang objects that weigh 50 lbs.

Also, 50 pieces- 25 anchors and 25 screws, make up this kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for objects that weigh 50lbs
  • It is made of zinc material. 
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Strong deep thread design engagement in gypsum wallboard with 3/8”, 1/2” or 5/8”.
  • Does not come in a compartment box.

8. ARROW 160455 Drywall Drill Bit, Screw and Anchor 

If you ever need to hang medium or lightweight objects, this anchor from Arrow could help you do that with ease. It comes in an eleven-part compartment box with the anchors carefully arranged into each part.

The anchors all come in three colors: blue, white, and near silver color. Since it is an assortment kit, it has different sizes.

Regardless of the size of the anchor you choose, you can hang objects that are about 20 lbs. For example, you could finally get to hang the mini picture frame that you've always wanted to hang with this anchor.

Made with plastic, it is durable. So, don't be shocked if you don't find yourself shopping for another anchor for a while. However, it is important that you only use this anchor for lightweight to medium-weight objects. Otherwise, it would break and damage your wall.

The different anchor sizes include 6-8 x 3/4 inch (36) and 8-10 x 7/8 inch (36). They work with screws that are 4 X 1-Inch, 8 X 1-1/4-Inch, 10 x 1-1/2-Inch, 6 X 1-Inch to give your objects a firm hold on the wall.

The fun part is that it is straightforward to use. No complicated processes go into how this anchor is used to hang your objects. The pack also comes with two drill bits, which are 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch drill bits. Now, you can drill holes into your plaster wall with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Effective and good for objects with 20 lbs.
  • Made with durable plastic.
  • Comes with two drill bits.
  • You have to pre-drill holes before you can install it.

9. Cirlife Drywall Anchor and Screw Kit

When Cirlife made this anchor, it was to put out q high-quality wall fasteners for plaster walls. How did they perform? Not bad at all. Following their history of manufacturing high-quality products, this multicolored anchor kit has a lot of value to offer for the money you spend.

First, the entire kit comes in a see-through six compartment box. When you open the box, you would be greeted by a few colors carefully organized in the different compartments. The colors are red, white, green, and stainless steel screws.

Fun fact: the different colors are a tactical way to tell the different sizes. The anchors are made with durable plastic materials. And the screws? They are made from pure and high-quality stainless steel material. As a result, they are rust-resistant.

So, if you have been scared of getting anchors and their screws because their screws do not last long, this brand is different. None of the stainless steel will succumb to rust, even after using them and taking them out.

Now, what can you do with this kit from Cirlife? Aside from the obvious fact that it is meant to help you hang your objects, you can't hang just any object on it. But you sure can hang your 25-50lbs objects on it. It will perform well.

The kit contains quite a lot of things. For starters, you would see 30 pieces of #6x1” Stainless Steel Screws, 20 pieces of #8x1-1/4” Stainless Steel Screws, and 10 pieces of #10x1-1/4” Stainless Steel Screws. The #6 red anchors are the plastic anchors and are 30 pieces. Then, there are 20 pieces of #8 Plastic Drywall Anchors and 10 pieces of white Drywall anchors. Let's not forget the 6 pieces of picture hooks that are also in the kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel screws.
  • You need to pre-drill a hole before you can install it.

10. LuckIn Drywall Anchors and Screws

There are several reasons why this anchor made it on our list of best screws for plaster walls. Aside from the brand, the first thing we love about this anchor is the material it was made with.

If you are familiar with the materials used for anchors, you would realize that zinc materials have their advantages. It ensures that your anchor is protected from corrosion. The second best thing we love about this anchor is that it uses a self-drilling system.

Finally, you can bid farewell to the days of needing a drill to pre-drill a hole in your plastic wall. This anchor can work as a drill and as an anchor too.

Unlike other anchors, this anchor kit is not a colorful one. Remember, it is made of zinc. Unlike plastic counterparts, zinc tends to last longer and more durable. The kit isn't too dramatic as it only comes with 100 pieces of 1/2 inch 30MM anchors and 100 pieces of 1/.43 36MM.

The deep thread design provides a strong engagement of gypsum wallboard of 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8". You can hang quite a few objects on this anchor from your favorite mirror, hang your best picture frame, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality corrosion-resistant zinc material.
  • Great for hanging a wide range of things
  • The kit only includes 100 pieces of anchors, and 100 pieces are screws.

Compression Chart of the Anchors for Plaster Walls







Toofix Self Drilling Drywall Plastic Anchors

Self-drilling System


#8 x 1-1/4''

40 pieces -20 screws, 20 anchors.

3.52 ounces

Plastic Drywall Wall Anchors Screw Assortment Kit

Not Specified


5- 25MM, 25/30MM, to 8- 38/60/80MM

300 pieces

1.06 pounds





66 pieces


Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Ribbed Anchors



#6x1",#8x1-1/4", #10x1-½" screws



Qualihome Drywall and Hollow-Wall Anchor Assortment Kit

Hollow System


#6 x 3/4 inch, 6 Pieces. #6 x 1 inch, 22 Pieces. #8 x 1 inch, 4 Pieces. #10 x 1-1/4" inch

15 pieces

7.2 ounces

Qualihome Plastic Self Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit

Self-drilling system


50 #8 x 1-1/4''

100 pieces

8.8 ounces.

HongWay Plastic Wall Anchors Kit with Screws

Self-drilling system

Zinc-plated, Plastic

20*1.3mm, 25*1.4mm, 30*2mm, 35*2mm

370 pieces

1.42 pounds.

Ansoon Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors with Screws Kit

Self-drilling System


#8 x 1-1/4

50 pieces

7.2 ounces

ARROW Drywall Drill Bit, Screw and Anchor Kit

Not Specified


6-8 x 3/4 inch (36), 8-10 x 7/8 inch (36) anchor, and 4 X 1-Inch (18), 8 X 1-1/4-Inch (16), 10 x 1-1/2-Inch (16), 6 X 1-Inch (18) screws

142 pieces

9.6 ounces

Cirlife Drywall

Not Specified


#6x1" Screws

126 pieces

8.5 ounces

Anchor and Screw Kit


#10x1-1/4” #6
#8 P


LuckIn Drywall Anchors and Screws,



1.2” 30MM
1.42” 36Mm

200 pieces

1.5 pounds

Thing to Consider Before Buying Best Wall Anchors for Plaster

Buying wall, the best plaster wall anchors majorly have a lot to do with the design and material of the anchor. The reason is quite simple. Although plaster walls are quite thicker than drywall, they can easily snap off from lath that supports them or get damaged by cracking when hanging objects on plaster walls. Although using wall studs is the best way to hang heavy objects, they aren't exactly practical.

How? You most likely won't find wall studs in the location you prefer to hang your objects. But, screw anchors for plaster walls are a great advantage. Sadly, there are a lot of anchors for plaster walls.

While some are authentic and would genuinely help you to hang your stuff safely, others won't. Here is how you can identify the best anchor screws for plaster walls.

Design/ Style:

Most of the best wall anchors for plaster walls come in different styles and designs. While some of these anchors might require you to drill a hole before screwing into plaster walls, you do not need to pre-drill holes into plaster walls for other types of anchors. Take a look at the authentic type of plaster wall anchors that you need to buy. 

The first type of plaster wall anchors that you need to buy is the anchors with the plastic sleeve style. To use these types of anchors, you need to first drill a hole into the part of the wall where you want to hang your object. Note that the hole you would drill needs to be as wide and deep as the anchor itself.

As you screw these kinds of anchors into the wall, the anchor begins to expand to hold it firmly to the wall. Nevertheless, while these kinds of anchors are good, they aren't exactly the best choice. You can always do better than the plastic sleeve anchor style.

For instance, the hollow drive molly bolt is not a bad choice either. They share a similar installation format like the plastic sleeve anchor because you have to pre-drill a hole into the wall.

The only difference is that the hole doesn't necessarily need to be the hollow anchors' width and size. Also, the hollow anchor is usually made of zinc rather than plastic like the first type of anchor.

The third best wall anchor for plaster walls are the anchors with a self-drilling system. With these kinds of anchors, you would save yourself the stress of needing to pre-drill a hole into your plaster wall.

The best part is that they work so well. To install this anchor, use the anchor to drill the hole you need into your plaster wall. Then, screw in the anchor with a screwdriver. Viola! Easy peasy.

The Need:

You need to, first of all, decide what you need the anchor for. This would help you decide which anchor you need. For instance, if you want to install a weightless small picture frame or any other weightless object, don't sweat it too much.

Go for the plastic sleeve anchors. Since they are made with plastic, you shouldn't go for this kind of anchor if you want to hang a bookshelf or mirror, or television. You would most likely wreck your object as the anchor would fall off and crack your wall.

If you want to hang your television or something heavier, then your hollow anchors are the ideal for these kinds of tasks. They were fashioned to hang heavy objects, especially if you know how thick your wall is.

However, if you are not sure of how thick your wall is, but you want to hang a heavy object, you do not need to try to find out how thick it is. Again, save yourself the stress by using anchors that adopt the self-drilling design.

Other minor things to look out for includes:

Package Quantity: 

Before you opt for any anchor kit, ensure you check the number of anchors in a kit. The reason? Some kits come with 5pieces of anchors. If you won't need up to 5 pieces of anchors to hang your object, you can get a kit with 5 pieces of anchors. But if you need more than 5, then you should get a kit that has more than 5.


Most of the best screws for plaster walls are either made with zinc, metal, or plastic materials. However, these materials have their strengths and weaknesses. Of all three kinds of anchors, plastic anchors are the weakest and should only be used to hang a light or weightless objects. Metal and Zinc materials can be used to hang a medium to heavy objects on your wall.


This Is another feature you should look out for. Screw anchors for plaster walls have different sizes. Ensure you get your wall size and shop accordingly. In other words, before investing in any anchor, ensure that it is the exact size of your plaster wall.

First, get your wall size. Then, match it with the potential anchors you intend to buy. Boom! You would have an anchor that works like a charm to hold your object in place.

Top 9 Anchors for Plaster Walls Brands

There are quite a few brands that manufacture high-quality anchors. Most of these brands manufactured the anchors reviewed in this article. If you are not sure where to start shopping for your anchor, you can explore the anchors that the below-enlisted brands have. They are:

1. Toofix

The toofix brand is passionate about manufacturing long-lasting anchors for plaster walls. The best thing is that you can also use their anchors on drywall. They are passionate about simplicity.

 Hence, their anchors seem to always have a single color and a single size. Nevertheless, they are efficient and hang your item properly on the wall. 

2. Leanking


Here is another trusted brand for anchors and screws for plaster walls. For the sake of convenience and to better serve you, this brand ensures that their kits come in sizes that are relevant for the tasks you would need it for. 

The screws in their kits also come in different sizes that are paired with the anchors. Overall, their anchors are made of durable plastic materials.

3. T.K Excellent

T.K Excellent

The T.K Excellent brand lives up to its name, especially when it comes to their products. Once you get yourself a T.K excellent anchor to hang your objects in the house, you absolutely won't regret it. Some of their anchors have notched wings that firmly hold the screws in the wall.

In essence, you would hang your objects without fear of the wall cracking or the screws falling off. Their anchors are made of durable plastics while their screws are made of anti-rust stainless steel material. What a treat!

4. Qualihome


Qualihome is another brand that manufactures high-quality products. With their tagline being "home project solutions", they deliver high-quality anchors that help you get your home task done.

Some of their anchors are made of plastic materials that ensure it lasts you for as long as you need it. Then, the string ribs they have to ensure they have a firm hold on the wall. You can use their anchors for both drywall and plaster walls.

5. Hong Way

Hong Way

This Chinese company does not only pride themselves in helping you find how to " do home fix" the "easy way". For 10 years, they have dedicated themselves to producing tools that make home tasks easy to do. For starters, their anchors are colorful and are made with zinc material. The benefit of Zinc is that it protects against corrosion which is a good thing for your anchor.

6. Anson


Anson is one of the brands that make simple and easy to use anchors. Although some of their anchors look sophisticated, they follow a simple and unified color - silver or stainless. They are also made with Zinc which would ensure you enjoy using it.

7. Arrow


Perhaps the first thing you should know about arrow is the fact that they do not only make anchors. In other words, plaster wall anchors are one of the products they manufacture. They make drill and drill bits, etc.

Either way, they are dedicated to creating excellent products. You might find out that some of their anchors are made of durable plastic that would serve you for many years.

8. Cirlife


Cirlife is another company that you can trust to deliver great anchors to you. Their anchors are neatly arranged based on color and size. Their kit is colorful. They are plastic and come in handy when you want to hang a picture frame.

9. LuckIn


Although LuckIn manufacture other products like railing, they can manufacture high-quality anchors for home use. They have been in the field of tending to home needs for a while now. Nevertheless, LuckIn is quite successful and is a trusted brand you can buy your reward.

Shopping with these brands guarantees, to a large extent, that you would only have access to crazy.

How to screw into plaster walls

Screwing your anchor to hang objects is not difficult at all. Follow these simple steps.

Step One: Drill a hole. Depending on the type of anchor you have, you might need to pre-drill a hole with a drill or just a bus.

Step Two: Use the drill bit to make the hole equal to the size of your anchor (if necessary)

Step Three: Install the anchor in by tapping it gently into the hole with a hammer.

Step Four: Once the anchor is firm, screw your stainless screw into the anchor. Ensure that you leave some part of the screw peeping out so that you can hang your object on it.

Boom! You have successfully screw into the plaster wall.

Common Questions and Answers That You Should Know

How to use a molly bolt?

Molly bolts are one of the best anchors for plaster walls. They are your best bet for hanging heavy things like your television, mirror, etc. To use or install a molly bolt, you would need a few things like a drill and bit, hammer, and screwdriver. Start by drilling a hole in the part of the wall you have chosen to hang your object.

Then, drive the bolt into the hole with your hammer. With the help of your screwdriver, screw the bolt in to firmly secure it into the plaster wall. Then, loosen the screw a bit so you will be able to hang your object on the bolt. 

Can I hang heavy objects without a stud?

We understand why you ask this. Hence, our shortcut response is: Yes, you can hang objects on your wall without wall studs. Sure, you probably already read somewhere that the wall stud method of hanging objects on plaster walls is the best, and you have rushed to get a metal stud finder.

That is commendable. But, you should know that one of the downfalls of using wall studs to hang your objects is that it doesn't allow for flexibility. In other words, you might not find any wall stud in the place you want to hang your objects.

Nevertheless, the better option is screw anchors for plaster walls. They make it so easy to install and hang your object without restriction.

Which anchor is best for hanging heavy items?

When thinking of hanging objects on your wall, you have two anchor options. You can either use the hollow anchor system or the self-drilling anchor system. However, if you are certain about how thick your wall is, you should go for the hollow drive anchor system that is mostly made of zinc.

Nevertheless, if you don't know how thick your wall is, simply use the self-drilling anchor system. It was also designed for heavy-duty tasks. You don't need much stress. Simply drill a hole into the wall with your self-drilling anchor.

Then, proceed to install the anchor. Fun fact: if you want to hang a newly furnished shelf for your books and plant, then the self-drilling anchor or the hollow drive anchor is a great choice.

What is the best material for an anchor?

There are three major materials for wall anchors namely Plastic, Zinc, and Metal material. All three materials are good and durable. But, Zinc material- with its corrosion and heat resistance, seems to be the best out of the three. It lasts long.

Final Word

Thinking of redecorating the new space you just acquired? Or you just want to hang a shelf on your plaster wall? Well, these are fantastic ideas. But, you have to ensure that you put some things into consideration before you go on to install the best anchors for plaster walls.

For instance, what is the weight of what you want to hang? How old is the plaster wall? How thick is it? Etc. Honestly, these questions can be confusing. But, I hope our buying guide shows you which way to go and eventually lead you to make a good decision on the best anchors for plaster walls for you.

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