How To Plasti-Dip Your Car Wheels or Rims (Easy Method)

Do you own a car? Do you know how well Plasti-dipping your car can be?

If you do not know; it is like getting an entirely new look for your vehicle without using a lot of cash. Plasti-dipping is much more comfortable and cheaper than vinyl wrapping.

Reasons Why Plasti Dipping Is Preferred

  • If applied correctly, it will be more durable compared to vinyl.
  • It can shield your vehicle more efficiently against scratching and splintering.
  • Not only is the application more straightforward, but it can also be easily removed without damaging the body of your car.
  • It can also significantly improve the durability of your vehicle.
  • The great thing about this product is that it is cheap against colors.
  • It is accessible in a wide range of finishes and colors, so you have a wider selection based on preference.
  • When appropriately applied, it leaves a smooth and supple texture on your vehicle.   

Step By Step Guide On Plasti-Dipping Your Car Wheels

What if when the job goes wrong, for example when you mess and cover your rims or any other unwanted areas accidentally during Plasti-dipping; you will never again prefer this procedure.

Lucky enough, in this article, we are going to see how to Plasti- dip the car safely.

Materials you will need in the process:

  • Buckets
  • Goggles
  • Painter’s mask
  • Coveralls or old, disposable clothing
  • Lots of newspapers
  • Painter’s tape in a variety of widths
  • Plasti Dip
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Razor blade or box cutter
  • Sponges
  • Spray gun and trigger
  • Soap
  • Towels

Step 1: Decide A Working Location

Decide A Working Location

The first thing you have to do before starting the Plasti-dipping process is to decide and set up the working area. You need a place of fewer distances where the car will sit for some hours when waiting for the Plasti-dip to dry.

Furthermore, choosing a working area is very important as the process can be messy and it involves some fumes, and you need a well-ventilated place.

Step 2: Wash The Car

Wash The Car

Using soap and water, wash the car to remove any impurities on the surface of the paint. You can also scrap to ensure that all contaminants are gone completely.

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Step 3: Dry The Car 

Dry The Car

This is a more important step than any other during this process; you should make sure that the car is dry thoroughly.

Drying the car will ensure that there is no moisture on the surface of the paint. You can Use dry towels to wipe the surface dry a couple of times before the actual process.

Step 4: Seal The Windows 

Seal The Windows

Using the tape and newspapers cover up the windows and any other areas, you do not need to be exposed to Plasti-Dip. Things like lights and emblems are not to be painted, so covering them can be very important.

During this step, also determine areas where you will only Plasti-Dip.

Step 5: Apply The Paint

Apply The Paint

While painting, ensure that the canister or spray gun is positioned six inches away from the surface of the car. Make certain not to pause on any spots by sweeping back and forth.

Start with the bonding coat, which is the first coat that will act as a dusting material over the original paint. It allows other layers to adhere to the previous layers of Plasti-Dip.

The best way to paint the car is to divide the work into sections. When you are working on another section, the other will be drying.

While painting, you have to do it smoothly and patiently. Plasti-dip mistakes are tough to correct, so do not rush.

Step 6: Remove The Tape And Paper


Remove the tape and paper after all coats have been applied. To remove the tape cut along with a razor blade. This will ensure the smooth edge. When removing the tape around the emblems and lights, peel it off by cutting carefully with a razor,

If you find some point looking too thin, you can add another coat.

Step 7: Dry The Car

Dry The Car

Wait for some time for the vehicle to dry again. This should be something more than four hours. At this step, it is important not to let any moisture get into contact with the painted surface. If you rush on this step, you will not get the satisfactory results.

Step 8: Peel Off The Plasti-Dip

 Peel Off The Plasti-Dip

After waiting for some hours for the car to dry, you will now have factory paint protected with sturdy and flexible professional looking material that can be removed easily.

To remove the plastic-dip, locate its edge and pull it off. Once you can pull a section of it, the entire Plasti – dip can be peeled off.

Now, you can alter the color of your car as you wish.

Precaution Measures When Plasti-Dipping Your Car

  • Have safety gear like masks, goggles, gloves, and coveralls before taking this procedure.
  • When anything spills on your hand or skin, use water to wash it off quickly.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Plasti-dipping difficult?

Plasti-dipping can be grouped as the do-it-yourself process. Even with no experience, you can spray your car. Though there is an element of human error that can occur during the process, the plasti-dipping technique is quite simple.

2. Is plasti-dipping durable?

Yes, it is durable. When applied correctly, it can last for up to three years. However, the application technique, as well as the level of the coating to be applied will determine its durability.

3. How many coats of plasti-dip are required for durability?

This can rely on how much you have, though it is recommended not less than six. Remember the more the coats you will apply, the rare you will have to redo the same process.

4. Will plasti-dip affect the clear coat of my car?

It will not affect the coat when done correctly. However, as the element of human error is possible during the procedure, it is not a guarantee that everything can always look beautiful.

5. Are base coat required before plasti-dipping?

It is required for light and white colored vehicles. The Gunmetal Grey base coats can do well.


Plasti-dipping is a cheap and easy way you can use to change the color of your car. Furthermore, it is an effective way through which you can protect the factory paint and ensure its extended life. It is a process that can be done with fewer risks involved and can be easily reversed or removed when done with it.

Whether you have been looking for the way to improve the appearance of your car, plat dipping is a preferred process for any car owner who wants to save time and cash. 

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