Types of Axe Heads and Their Uses Detailed Guide Line

An axe consists of the head and handle. Whereas the head is made of steel or fiberglass, the handle is mostly made of wood.

An axe head features a blade and poll on either side. Some varieties have double blades whereby you cut on either side. Heads are available in a variety of shapes or sizes that depend on the function of the axe.

Having said that, we have axe for chopping, smoothening and driving nails and their heads differ. There are plenty of options on the market and it can be difficult deciding on the best type for your job.

Where some axes are used by professionals, others are for basic or general use. However, every axe head is designed for a particular use. For instance, a wider headed axe is suitable for splitting and felling but not for doing smooth cuts.

For fine cuts, there are some axe heads are best suited for detailed results. These differ in design with their blades being narrow and flat. In this case, you may want an axe for a gentle cutting than for a brutal swinging action.

Specialty axes heads are used by experts depending on the complexity of the job. Here, we have different models for different purposes. Keep reading as we explore the options.

Our Top 13 Types of Axe Heads Reviews

Axes for Chopping, Felling and Splitting

1. Felling Axe Head

The felling axe head is the most common tool in this category. It's mostly used for chopping and cutting trees, and the wide head can split wood effortlessly. The design features a single blade head.

Felling Axe

2. Hatched Axe  Head

A hatchet head is most used for felling and features a wide head. Mostly, it works with a short handle and is a one-handed tool that you can use to trim tree branches and remove tiny limbs on trunks.

Hatched Axe

3. Hudson Bay Axe  Head

The Hudson Bay axe is a medium-sized tool that falls between a hatchet and a felling axe. It’s made primarily for chopping firewood. Unlike the hatchet axe, you can use both hands. However, you can also use one hand while trimming branches. However, it may not cut large trees.

Hudson Bay Axe

4. Camp Axe Head

A camp axe head is smaller than the hatchet and matches with a short handle to form a one-handed axe. It's portable, and you can carry it a small package.

The design differs from the hatchet since it has a protruding back plate for driving poles into the ground. It's lightweight and that why it's known as a camp axe since you can carry it for camping alongside other gear.

Camp axe

5. Splitting Axe

A splitting axe has a simple design and features a denser head. The handle is sleek and is two-handed, thus you can use it to split wood. Additionally, it can cut small and medium-sized trees where you don't need to split the wedges. However, it works best on softwood than hardwood.

Splitting Axe

6. Splitting Axe With a Lump

This axe differs from the splitting axe in that you can use it to split hardwoods thanks to the lump feature at the back. It's more versatile since the head is thick and has an elongated back plate. You can also use it split small logs, and the lump works well in pounding hardwood wedges.

7. Splitting Hatchet

Like earlier observed, a hatchet is a one-handed axe; therefore, a splitting axe is similar in design. However, you can only use it for splitting logs that would require a short-handled axe.

Splitting hatchet

8. Roofing Axe Head

A roofing axe head is mostly used in roofing work. It's a rare hand tool, and the back plate is the most function feature. You can use this axe head for driving nails on the roof; however, it can't be used to cut.

Roofing axe

9. Carpenter Axe Head

A carpenter axe is a one-handed tool featuring a narrow blade, a beard that hangs underneath the handle. With a flat design, this axe is suitable for chopping wood.

Carpenter axe

Smoothening Axes Heads

10. Broad Axe   Head

This axe head features a unique design as it is slanting and flat on either side. It's suitable for smoothening curved edges on wood. You can use it as a right or left-handed axe.

Broad axe

12. Adz Axe

The Adz axe head is one of a kind and looks more like a hammer with a blade head. You can use it for deep cutting or scraping wood.

Adz axe

Professional Axes

13. Fireman's Axe

The Fireman's axe head is used by firefighters in putting out a fire, and they do this by eliminating hurdles alongside their mission, such as opening doors or pulling walls.

Fireman's axe


In one way or another, a woodworker must have an axe in their toolbox. However, each axe differs in the shape of the axe head, the length of the hand, and its functionality. Therefore, it's vital to know the different types of axe heads and how you can apply them to your projects.

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