Best ATV Trailer For The Money: Reviews in 2023

Feeling adventurous? Do you wish to cruise off the beaten roads and into the wilds on your ATV but can’t seem to decide what to bring for the trip? After all ATV’s have limited spacing.

How about if we give you a better alternative – bring everything you want!

With the addition of an ATV trailer, you can travel off-road with all the goods that you need stowing behind your ATV without having to worry.

The best ATV trailer models in the market today will offer you a great deal of variety as to the types of goods that you can transport. Whether it be for a camping trip in the woods or your backyard for another busy day in construction – these ATV buddies got you covered.

Benefits Of All Terrain Vehicle Trailer


Those who don’t want to keep renting transport for moving goods around, having a good ATV trailer is essential. If you own an ATV then you can go for the cheaper option in the long run. And what is this cheaper option? A trailer to carry your goods towed behind your ATV.


Carrying materials in vehicles that are not designed to carry said materials can be damaging to both your vehicle and the materials you are carrying.

ATV hauling trailers offer a much safer way of transport when you go off-road and need to bring tons of supplies with you. Fragile materials can also be transported without fear of ruin. Most of these trailers are very sturdy and offer a lot of protection to the goods it is carrying.

Ease of Transport

Trailers come in varying sizes. Some are big enough to carry industrial-grade materials. All these weights are towable by even 4-cylinder cars if the engine is powerful enough.

It’s easier and quicker to transport tons of cargo towed in an ATV while off-road other than on big trucks or multiple midsized ones.

You cannot always rely on trucks to haul your goods especially if you are going off-road. That’s when these off road ATV trailers come in handy as they can go to places where the average haul trucks cannot.

Easy To Load and Unload

Trailers have features such as a ramp that makes it easy to load your cargo without hassle. Adjustable side railings and quick release hatch further contribute to that factor. Some trailers tilt to ease loading and unloading by a process called dumping.


The bigger the storage the better. If you are looking to haul a large quantity of cargo off-roads, then a larger, heavy duty ATV trailer will function as a truck. Cargo can also be stored in the trailer when not used, making it efficient and saving you space around the house.

The best ATV dump trailers usually have large storage capacities and will often be capable of carrying bulky loads, while being easy to be driven around towed behind an ATV.

Low Maintenance

These trailers require quite little maintenance over long periods. Most trailers are made of rust and corrosion-resistant materials. This means that you can leave them out in the open saving your garage space. 

An indirect advantage of using trailers is that it reduces the load on your car's tires. For instance, if you carried materials on your vehicles then it would wear out the tires due to the added weight. An attached trailer adds more wheels to the transport and hence lower wear on each tire.

Out Top 10 Best ATV Trailer Reviews

1. Agri-Fab Utility Dump Cart

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Agri-Fab.

These universal utility dump carts come with a hitch pin that can be used with most ATV’s as if it was meant for them. This particular tow behind trailer has bed dimensions of 32.5" Width x 49" Length x 12" Height.

It's not the biggest of carts but don't let its humble size fool you, it can surprise you with a load capacity of 750 pounds! An astonishing feat for this heavy-duty cart considering its compactness.

The scratch-resistant steel bed and powdered paint coating enable it to last through years of rough use. A quick-release lever allows you to easily unload your materials onto the ground. The removable tailgate is a handy inclusion that makes loading goods easier than ever.

Rugged and sturdy pneumatic tires are a fantastic addition and boost this ATV trailer's performance and durability further. It can be taken into rough terrain without much worry, whether it be through deserts or the woods, this cart will always come through.

If you are looking for a utility trailer for ATVs that seamlessly tags along with you for handiwork, then the Agri-Fab dump cart will be your most trusted friend.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile tow behind dump cart viable with most ATVs.
  • Scratch-resistant steel bed with powdered coating paint.
  • A surprising load capacity of 750 pounds.
  • Quick and easy loading & unloading with removable tailgate and release lever.

2. MotoAlliance Impact Implements Cart

Seek strength and the rest will follow.

Moto Alliance took this saying to a new level when designing this beastly heavy duty ATV trailer. With a massive load capacity of 1500 pounds, chances are that you can load an entire building's worth of supplies in this cart and still have space to spare.

The bed is of a fantastic design as well. It houses a steel frame that is stoic enough to be called military grade. Adjustable mesh railings on the side enhance stability and offer further durability.

You might wonder how difficult it would be to load materials into such a bulky frame, but MotoAlliance’s clever workaround will surprise you. They designed the cart to have a quick release latch alongside the foot dump. These features combine to offer you an easy and satisfying loading and unloading experience.

It is safe to say that this cart here is the best ATV trailer if you intend to carry massive load. But if you want further assurance, then check out the tires.

These beastly pneumatic tires are among the biggest for trailers in the market. With a ground clearance level of 11 inches, it’s safe to say that they will survive through a warzone. This trailer can last you a lifetime if maintained properly.

Highlighted Features:

  • An astounding load capacity of 1500 pounds.
  • Sturdy steel framed bed with adjustable mesh railings on the side.
  • Features quick-release hatch and foot dump for easy loading and dumping.
  • Brawny tires with a ground clearance of 11 inches.

3. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Dump Cart

Looking for lightning in a bottle?

That's the ideal expression when defining this ATV trailer. Because it will outperform your expectations by functioning similar to a heavy duty ATV trailer while being on the smaller side.

The steel frame features a hardened exterior that houses the 40-inch x 25-inch rust-proof poly bed. Because of such a unique design, there requires little to no maintenance on the bed even after years of use. This bed has a load capacity of 1200 pounds – a pretty impressive feat for a handy cart such as this one.

Dumping materials is as easy as a push of a button with a quick-release latch and a foot dump built into the trailer. The handle can be towed but also pulled by hand, making it perfect when you want to use it around the yard without a vehicle.

Four tires are built into the bottom of the cart for extra stability compared to the trailers consisting of two tires. The tires by themselves are rugged enough to survive harsh surfaces. However, they are not indestructible.

This is the utility trailer for you if you are looking to use it regularly without an ATV vehicle but want the performance of a high ended cart.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rustproof poly bed design that promises to dwindle maintenance hours.
  • Heavy-duty cart with a load capacity of 1200 pounds.
  • Quick-release latch and foot dump to unload materials easily.
  • Four wheels offer greater stability and maneuverability.
  • It can be towed behind an ATV and also can be pulled by hand.

4. Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM Utility Cart

As the old saying goes, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

This particular product by Gorilla Carts pays homage to classic ATV hauling trailers of old times. The simplistic design is easy on the eyes for newbies and veterans alike. Not only does it function like a charm, but it also keeps up with the finest carts in the market.

The steel frame has dimensions of 52-inch x 34-inch and houses a mesh bed under it. It has a load capacity of up to 1400 pounds, making it one of the heavier carts in the market.

The sides of the trailer can be folded down for easy loading and unloading and can be completely removed to transform it into a flatbed for added versatility.

The four pneumatic tires featured in the trailer are extremely durable and can ease through the toughest hauling jobs with finesse. The handle is convertible and can be pulled by hand or by a vehicle. Assembly of the product is extremely easy and self-explanatory, making this a very simple and beginner-friendly cart.

This particular trailer is trusted by many and has been receiving praises for a long time. If you are considering to go old school and look good while doing it, then this ATV trailer has got you covered.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy duty ATV trailer with a load capacity of 1400 pounds.
  • Adjustable sides make loading materials onto the cart effortless.
  • Four pneumatic tires increase stability and maneuverability.
  • Sides can be removed to turn the cart into a flatbed.

5. Strongway Steel ATV Trailer With 1200-Lb. Capacity

The Strongway trailer can carry loads up to 1200 pounds with a maximum volumetric capacity of 18 cubic feet with the guard rails. The guard rails function quite well in preventing large loads from falling over. Even with the guard rails detached, it can still hold 12 cubic feet of material.

The trailer can carry a range of load including firewood, soil, garden waste, rocks, etc. Pneumatic tires in combination with a great suspension system enable you to smoothly transport fragile items on rough terrain.

It comes with a removable tailgate for easy loading and unloading. A foot pedal dump mechanism allows you to unload effortlessly without unhitching the trailer. You can use the R pin hitch provided to attach it to tractors, lawnmowers or ATVs.

All these features make it quite suitable for farming or household gardening. The trailer is manufactured with steel and coated with a UV protected powder that prevents rust and enhances durability.

Whether you use it in your front yard or backyard, farmland or garden; this heavy duty ATV trailer performs quite well in all terrain and can carry a variety of loads without any issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can easily attach it lawnmowers, ATVs or tractors.
  • Pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride.
  • Suited to carry different load including fragile items.
  • UV resistant powder coating that protects from rust.
  • The volumetric capacity is 18 cubic feet.

6. Yard Commander Foot Steel Dump Cart

If you are finding it difficult to carry things around your garden in a wheelbarrow, here is a solution.

Yard commander's cart can be easily towed by your lawnmower or ATV and can transport weights up to 400 lbs.

The capacity isn't quite impressive but good enough to carry out daily gardening tasks. Its lightweight and the small capacity allow you to tow it by hand just like a wheelbarrow. This means you can keep using it in case your lawnmower has broken down.

The compact design makes it easier to maneuver the cart in different terrain and off-road conditions. A foot pedal dumping mechanism lets you unload without much effort. You can detach the tailgate for making it easier to load and unload.

The trailer surface is coated with a powder that protects the material from rust. Thus, improving its durability and weather resistance. It is a very well-engineered and efficient tool for household gardening. All in all, the Yard commander does have a good command on any yard or farmland.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly maneuverable, can make tight turns on difficult terrain.
  • Detachable tailgate, ease of loading and unloading.
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds.
  • A coating that protects the cart from rust and corrosion.

7. Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 ATV Trailer

The trail warrior X4 is manufactured with heavy-duty steel coated with a protective powder. The powder prevents corrosion and rust for several years, even when the trailer is used very frequently.

It is equipped with four 18 inch pneumatic wheels that provide great traction. The wheels are shock resistance, providing a smooth ride. In combination with a pivoting track beam that allows easier maneuvering on uneven terrain; it provides an amazing off-road performance.

With this trailer, you can carry loads weighing up to 1250 pounds. It houses high side and back rails that keep large loads secure. All the guard rails are detachable and hence allow you to load or unload easily.

It is a great all-weather trailer with great traction and stability. Its all-round nature makes it the best ATV dump trailer available in the market.

The trailer has a mesh floor that does not retain much dirt and is easy to clean. However, this means that you can’t carry granular load such as soil with this cart as they will fall out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pivoting beams allow smooth ride off-road.
  • 18-inch shock-resistant wheels prevent jerky movements.
  • High guard rails secure large-sized loads.
  • The coating protects from rust and weather effects.

8. Peg Perego Adventure Trailer Ride On

This product is different from all the others on this list. It is a specially designed trailer that can be attached to kids' vehicles. The attachment allows kids to be adventurous and enjoy an outdoor escapade transporting their playing tools and other items.

Although the cart is designed for kids, it’s still able to maneuver smoothly on very rough terrain. The trailer is compatible with 12 or 24 volt Polaris and Peg Perego ATV models.

You may wonder why are all these features necessary for a kids’ toy? Well, it’s because the product is meant to be used by kids to play on backyards and gardens. Those places can have a difficult terrain for a vehicle to drive on. This isn’t a toy for indoor usage.

The cart can carry up to 66 pounds of weight while itself weighing only 17 pounds. Suited for kids aged 3 to 8, it comes with a locking hitch pin to make it even more secure. All the components of the product are designed to be safe for children.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suited for children 3 to 8 years old.
  • Lightweight cart with a load capacity of 66 lbs.
  • It can move smoothly over very rough terrain.
  • Highly durable wheels that provide a comfortable ride.
  • The locking hitch pin ensures secure loading.

9. Polar 8262 Tandem Axle Utility Cart

This utility dump trailer is made from high-quality materials. It is manufactured with an all-steel frame and high impact polyethylene bodies.

In addition to that, it has a protective powder layer to prevent rust and corrosion. The product is known to last for several years even under heavy usage.

The trailer can be attached to ATVs or other vehicles for hauling goods. Whether its dirt, gravel, firewood or any other load; the trailer can transport 1200 lbs. of weight in a volumetric capacity of 22 cubic feet.

What makes this heavy duty ATV trailer so well reputed is its versatility and flexibility. The 8262 HD is constructed to perform as a flexible multifunctional utility vehicle.

However, you can’t use the trailer on the highway as warned by the manufacturer. Firstly, it doesn’t have brakes or rear lights. Secondly, although the tires are wide-track and rugged, they are designed only for off-road terrain and will wear out quickly on road.

Overall, it is a great trailer for ATV with lots of positive reviews and one that is often recommended by professionals. It provides a very stable and smooth ride on any off-road terrain. The original pivot frame and tilt will make the use even easier and comfortable for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from high-quality materials, thus very durable.
  • Smooth and stable maneuvering on difficult terrain.
  • Versatile and flexible, has multiple functions.
  • It can haul loads weighing up to 1200 pounds.

10. 1600ut ATV Wagon Trailer For Rough Terrain

The beast 1600ut can survive speeds of 40 miles per hour without being damaged or losing stability. As it is designed for such high speeds, it also comes with electric brakes for providing the needed stopping power.

It may be a bit tricky to connect the braking wires properly to your ATV but with a few guides from the internet, you are good to go. We advise you to check that the brakes work before you start a high-speed haul as a braking failure can result in a messy situation.

Its massive 25-inch tires allow driving over uneven and extreme terrain. A torsion bar axle keeps the ride smooth and stable. The manufacturer specifies a max weight of 1600 pounds but it should carry much more than that. However, we would advise you to not exceed this limit.

It is a powerful trailer that has earned a very good market reputation. You will find lots of reviews by professionals about how well the trailer performs. If you have a great ATV and are looking for a wagon of an equal match, this might be just what you need.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stable cruising at high speeds.
  • Equipped with electric brakes for stopping power.
  • It has a load capacity of 1600 pounds in a volume of 23 cubic feet.
  • It has 4 massive 25-inch puncture-resistant floating tires.
  • The 25 inches wide tires will go well with rough terrains.

How to Pick the Right ATV Trailer

Weight Carrying Capacity

The maximum load that a trailer can carry is specified by the manufacturer. Exceeding this weight can have a detrimental effect on the trailer’s condition. We advise you to account for the maximum weight you may need to transport and check that it does not exceed the carrying capacity.



Just getting a trailer for ATV that can carry heavy weights doesn’t mean you really can tow such weights. Unless you have a very powerful ATV, you will need to be careful about the towing capacity of it.

One way to deal with a less powerful engine to get a lighter trailer that can carry the same weight, reducing the overall weight your vehicle needs to tow.


 ATV Trailer Material

The material composition determines the weight and other properties such as resistance to weather, rust, and corrosion.

For instance, aluminum trailers are very light and do not corrode or rust. Aluminum forms an oxide layer on its outer surface which gives the material excellent weather-resistant properties.

Open Vs Enclosed Trailers

Which one you need depends on your requirements. An enclosed trailer is more secure as it can be locked to prevent theft. The contents are well protected from the weather.

On the other hand, an open trailer is more suited to carry garden equipment and transport raw materials as they are easier to load and unload. If you want to store your materials in a trailer rather than a garage, then it’s better to keep them in an enclosed trailer.


ATV Trailer Size

You need to select a trailer for ATV with sufficient space that can carry the cargo you plan to haul regularly. It's always better to get a bigger trailer compared to what you will be hauling due to the risk of running out of space.

You do not have to fully utilize all the space in a trailer. However, larger ones are generally more expensive and therefore you shouldn’t buy space that you will never use.

Ease of Loading

ATV Trailer Loading

Loading materials onto a trailer can be a difficult task. Before you buy a trailer it’s advised to have a look at the dimensions and the design of the trailer and try to picture how you will load the cargo. You should aim to buy a trailer that will ease your loading and unloading process significantly.

Check that the loading mechanism and strapping configurations match your needs. For Instance, granular cargo needs a solid basement bed underneath them. A bed made of mesh will not be compatible with granular cargo such as dirt or sand.

It is recommended to check whether the trailer for hauling ATV can accommodate all types of cargo that you intend to carry before purchase.



Utility trailers can perform more than one task. However, they may not be capable of carrying all types of loads. Hence, if you plan to buy one of those, it's important to see that it can achieve all the tasks you intend to use the trailer for.

In some cases, you may find it inconvenient to use a multipurpose utility trailer. For instance, some goods are not suited for carrying in the open and an enclosed trailer is required.

The problem with carrying cargo in an enclosed trailer is that it is not as easy to load/unload and they leave dirt on the floor. An open trailer has a mesh-like floor that does not retain any dirt. Thus, sometimes it’s better to use different trailers than a multipurpose one.


Loose welds, rust, cracks, and other manufacturing defects might be present in an ATV trailer and hence you must perform a thorough inspection of the whole trailer and look closely at important components such as the tires, bearings, brakes, hitches, and suspension.


ATV Trailer Brakes

A trailer requires brakes to stop it from ramming into your vehicle. For good functioning brakes, the electric wires need to be able to transmit a signal to the braking systems quickly and apply the brakes on time.

Before purchasing, you must check and test that the brake, wheel and hydraulic system (if included) work properly and are in good condition. The manufacturer may use components produced by well-known brands, so it’s quite easy to look them up.


ATV Trailer Tires

Your towing vehicle and the trailer both need to have tires that are good for rough terrain. You need to know if the tires will be able to survive the conditions on the terrain you intend to drive on. We also recommend that you check how many spare wheels are included and their ground clearance level.

If the tires are the only feature that doesn’t seem to be suited, then you can purchase appropriate replacements. Don’t walk away from a good deal just because of the tires. check our duratrac and ko2 tires about.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Assemble The Trailer?

Answer: The trailers are delivered dissembled for saving space while transporting. To assemble your product, use the provided instructions manual and follow the procedure as shown. You will find a list of parts and tools provided in the manual.

We would suggest that you first check if your delivery has all the mentioned parts. If not, please contact the supplier immediately. You can also contact the manufacturer if the instructions aren’t clear or something seems wrong.

Remember that you may require some extra tools such a wrench and screwdriver which are not included with the product.

2. Is It Okay To Use The Trailer For Carrying Items Other Than Raw Materials?

Answer: Some of the products on our list are for attaching to lawnmowers and quadbikes. They can’t be towed by cars on the road. These trailers are too small to carry materials such as blocks of wood and stone.

If your question is about carrying general household goods, then the answer is- yes, it can. As long as the weight limit is not exceeded and that the goods are strapped well, you should be fine.  However, we wouldn’t recommend the transportation of fluid barrels on the highway.

3. Can The Trailers Be Used On The Highway?

Answer: For a trailer to be road-ready it needs to have suitable tires, brakes, and rear lights. Any of these features missing suggests that it’s a garden or off-road ATV trailer. The manufacturer usually clearly states what purpose a product is intended for so don’t skip reading the description before ordering.

Ensure that the brake wires are connected properly to your car before you start your journey to avoid uncomfortable jerks every time you brake. When driving at night, you need to check that the rear lights are functioning or you risk a hefty fine.

4. How Do I Select A Trailer That Has A Very Good Build Quality?

Answer: The brand’s reputation tells you a lot about the quality of their products. However, even great brands can produce faulty or poor quality products. We would advise you to look at the reviews of the individual product that you are looking to buy.

If the trailer is sold on Amazon, you can look at the customer reviews for an insight of the product. You may also find detailed utility trailer reviews on some websites by professionals who test popular equipment.

5. How Do I Determine The Towing Load Capacity Of My Car?

Answer: You don’t need to determine this; it is specified by your car manufacturer. Look for the information in the car’s user manual or the brand's website. Contact the dealer for the information if you can’t get it elsewhere.

The trailer itself weighs a lot and hence you must account for the empty weight when estimating the towing load. We don’t recommend that you try to load the maximum towing weight, especially if your car has been heavily used for years.

6. I Think That The Trailer Brakes Are Malfunctioning. What Should I Do?

Answer: This is caused by several reasons. It could be due to an issue with the connecting wires or that you need to adjust the brakes. If you are experienced enough, you could fix the problem on your own.

There are useful tips on the internet on how to adjust the brakes and resolve issues with connecting wires. You can also contact the manufacturer for assistance regarding this matter.

We would recommend that you let a mechanic deal with the issue if you are not confident doing it on your own.

7. Are Maintenance Operations Necessary?

Answer: You need to perform similar maintenance tasks that car wheels and brakes require, such as oiling and greasing, although not as frequently. You also need to change the brake pads when their condition deteriorates. Read the owner’s manual for instructions relating to maintenance.

We advise that you don’t use cleaning agents containing chemicals that can harm the coating material of the trailer surface for cleaning purpose. After washing your trailer, tow it for a while to dry as leaving it wet can cause some components to rust.

For keeping it in a good condition, you should inspect the trailer regularly for cracks and rust. Check for loose nuts, rusty bolts and fix them if necessary.

8. I Want To Tow Dirt Bikes, What Type Of Trailer Should I Get?

Answer: You can only accommodate motorbikes in a trailer that has wheel spokes. Some trailers are large enough to accommodate two motorbikes and two quad bikes.

In the market, you can find trailers with many configurations. We advise you to look at the factors that suit your requirements to find a matching configuration.

After all, you don’t want the trailer that can perfectly fit your recreational equipment to break down too soon due to not being able to handle the load.

Final Words

Picking the best ATV trailer is not as difficult as people think. It all comes down to each individual's specific requirements and the cargo they wish to haul. There is no such thing as the perfect trailer so a careful analysis is required before making a purchase.

However, few universal things are there to be considered no matter the type of cargo you plan to load on an ATV trailer. Perks such as load capacity, size, and dimensions are among the major ones that play the deciding hand.

All of these deciding factors are discussed in this guide, along with a few of our recommendations and tips which will help you choose the right trailer for your ATV.

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