Duratrac Vs Ko2 Tires: Which One to Choose for Your Jeep

DuraTrac and Ko2, two rough terrain tires that make use of deep tread to give more footing on unpaved pathways and surfaces such as mud, loose ground, gravel, or sand.

Although these don't come with studs, like snow or ice tires, rough terrain ones come with more extensive, deeper grooves that help the thread sink into the ground and gain better traction.

What to Consider When Buying One?

When considering buying one, it’s better to compare both DuraTrac and Ko2 and settle on one based on your needs and preferences. Below, we have compiled some of the highlights of both the tires for more convenient decision-making.

DuraTrac and Ko2 are both fan-favorites and depending on who you ask; you might get recommendations based on their experiences.

One thing to note is that although these tires are made for having a firm grip on unstable surfaces, they are not fit to compete with normal road tires on paved roads as the larger surface area makes it prone to slipping and skidding.

Of course, the tires themselves are nothing without the cars themselves. To have the capacity to drive off the asphalt, rough terrain vehicles require a few qualities for optimum results:

  • Low ground weight, to avoid sinking into the soft ground
  • Ground leeway to not get stuck
  • Ability to keep their wheels or tracks on the ground to not lose footing

Wheeled vehicles achieve this by having extra tires added with high and adaptable suspension. Tracked vehicles accomplish this by having wide tracks and a flexible suspension.

The selection of wheels versus tracks is a matter of your budget and preferences. For example, a tracked drivetrain is relatively costly to deliver and maintain.

Wheeled drivetrains are less expensive and give a higher best speed. However, the tracked drivetrain has a broader range of rough terrain abilities.

These tires run on similar pathways and are installed in Jeeps for this purpose. Wooden streets, clogged and blocked pathways, slide trails, roads under construction, at times interstate, you name it. These tires can run on them all.

Additionally, both DuraTrac and Ko2 can run on the following street conditions:

1. Dry and wet soil

Dry and wet soil

2. New mud

New mud

3. Grass over rock

Grass over rock

4. Poth packed and normal snow

 normal snow

5. Ice and ice over snow

Ice and ice over snow

So, we can say that both of the tires play a vital role in off-road activities and running on rough terrains. 

DuraTrac VS Ko2 - Who Will Win?

Let's briefly discuss both of the tires and know some vital information on them:

Goodyear DuraTrac: Best for Rainy Climates

The Goodyear DuraTrac tires are specially designed to deliver the smoothest drive on the roughest surfaces. Keeping in mind the drivers of business vehicles, trucks, SUV's, and jeeps, it incorporates the latest Goodyear tire innovations to give the best all-inclusive driving experience. 

Claiming to be made for year-round use, the roughness of the roads in summer and the obstruction of snow during winter doesn’t stop this tire from shining to the top and deliver its best.

In this tire, you will find two steel belts alongside nylon support to include toughness and solidarity. Moreover, this lengthens track life so your Wrangler DuraTrac will not be wearing out that easily.

The Goodyear has incorporated the edge bolt to dodge slippage while driving and has also added the edge defender to help avoid unnecessary damage to your expensive wheels.

There is a reason why these tires are very well known. That is because they are among the best tires for anyone testing extreme off-street conditions and traction. This specific tire has endured it all!

Not built like snow tires, its grip on snow is still remarkable and can compete with any other snow tire available. To boil it down, these can fit and go on any sort of vehicle, regardless of whether it's for play or work.

The Goodyear DuraTrac isn't explicitly made for mud roads and doesn't function to the standards you would expect from mud tires too. It's commendable to see the fact that how well they still perform in these conditions. 

Most off-road tires will experience difficulty with mud pushing up into the track, compromising stability. On account of their self-cleaning design and grooves, these shed muds genuinely well.

With a touch of wheel speed, the DuraTrac will continue chugging along through everything except the most extreme mud situations. That makes them an incredible choice for individuals traveling in wet or muggy climates.

Watch The Video: Is the Duratrac Really That Good

Ko2 Tire: For a Longer Road life

The Goodrich All Terrain TA KO2 is the fourth-generation tire from the company's line-up categories which were first presented 15 years ago.

Aimed at the demographics of a pickup truck, SUV and jeep drivers, the tire is made for regular street use and rough territories.

Also, upgrading their confidence to drive by basically giving higher control over the cars.  The durability and all-season endurance are the key selling point of these tires. 

The BFG uses sidewall elastic substance which is many times thicker than past models and, also, significantly tougher.

This is an excellent and enduring tire as a result of its double steel belts that are fortified with nylon and comprises of polyester wire sidewall handle manufacture called Tri-Gard.

The track material has been professionally tried out and tested to ensure a lengthy road-life. Most of the time, the tracks endure rocky streets and have come out unscratched over their long lives, which is excellent news for the folks back home who need to travel over rock terrains more often. 

The interlocking track style is used to improve balance and the pressure and wear on the tire is dispersed.

There is no question that the underlying KO is the testing AT tire that is giving you excellent service.

This makes the grip on the solid rough terrain more precise than what you find in the MT tire and, in any case, has excellent on-road qualities of a lightweight AT model.

Off-road TA KO2 tires include a sleek cut, chip-and tear-safe track which contributes to its long life.

The compound is formed into a powerful, PC enhanced, high-void off-road design with interlocking track squares, and numerous free item launch highlights to consolidate rough terrain sturdiness and stability with road maintenance and other obstacles.

Credibility and Durability

Now let’s have a brief discussion on their credibility and durability and which one you should choose.

Off-Roading Activities


DuraTrac tire is mainly meant for earth, mud, and soil and it handles them exceptionally well. Numerous individuals view this tire as more like a mud-territory than an off-road one.

Most off-road tires include an increasingly dialed-down track structure, and can without much effort, get stuck. The DuraTrac isn't one of those.

On the other hand, the All-Terrain TA KO2 was intended to run on multiple terrains, has remarkable sturdiness, incredible wear, and all-year stability, even in snow.

So, both of the tires are used for very tough terrain experience, and both of them deliver similar services.

Winter Driving

Winter Driving

Winter driving comprises of pressed snow, slush, and ice. Utilizing a mud tire in these conditions may not be one of your best decisions.

Those wide tracks and grooves that make them so great for running on dirt roads so fast are precisely what's going to hold you back on snowy roads. You'll mostly be driving on hockey pucks.

Even though the DuraTrac has expansive tracks (for an off-road tire), Goodyear has something very similar given its liberal siping.

This is the thing that has a significant effect on winter conditions. Look into any winter tire, and you'll see two things: detailed track squares and large amounts of siping.

On the other hand, TA KO2 tires are also very good regarding winter driving but lose some competitive advantage against the DuraTrac tires regarding size and durability. So as far as winter driving is concerned, DuraTrac tires are the one for your Jeep/car.

Driving in the Rain

Driving in the Rain

Wet streets are another situation where mud tires don't do well. The Duratrac prevails in these conditions for similar reasons that it does poorly in the winter.

Also having an incredible grip on it, KO2 tires are suitable for driving on wet roads. It's pretty risky to drive on the slippery roads with a heavy vehicle. If the tires don't provide top-notch service, it might be dangerous for you. Both of the tires shine well in this sector.



The price for the BF Goodrich Every Terrain KO2 starts at around $140-$160 and moves up from there. Additionally, you may discover coupons, markdown costs, refunds and further unique offer on the tire.

On the other hand, costs on the Wrangler DuraTrac start from the upper range of $160-$180 and move up. You can likewise get extraordinary offers, coupons, limited offers and discounts on the tire.

Final Word

Despite DuraTrac being a bit more expensive than the other one, it has a competitive advantage because of its excellent features and durability.

Keeping everything in mind, we would choose the DuraTrac tires for the average Joe, especially in rough terrains and under difficult driving condition.

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