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How Long Does Jeep Wranglers Last

Do you have the jeep and now thinking how to extend its lifespan? Or are you planning to buy it for the first time and now considering how long it will keep serving you? Well, Jeep Wrangler can serve you for so long when put under good care. Have you come across a car that the owner […]

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How to Paint Aluminum Wheels Properly

Aluminum Wheels on cars and trucks easily collect dirt and grime and need to be thoroughly cleaned or polished to give them an almost new look and extend their lifespan. Corroded or oxidized aluminum rims can be the cause of sticky road dirt and brake dust to much grosser damage such as pitting. The time and […]

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How To Plasti-Dip Your Car Wheels or Rims

​Do you own a car? Do you know how well Plasti-dipping your car can be? If you do not know; it is like getting an entirely new look for your vehicle without using a lot of cash. Plasti-dipping is much more comfortable and cheaper than vinyl wrapping.Reasons Why Plasti Dipping Is Preferred If applied correctly, it […]

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How to Remove Rhino Liner Easily

​Many people do not find the need to remove truck bed liners, and they think it can last forever. Though in most cases the rhino liner lasts for long, they will fade away over long use. It requires aggressive work to remove the bed liner from the truck. However, with intelligent thinking and proper process, removing […]

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