Best Water Pump Sealant Reviews | Top 10 Picks

If you have a defective pump that leaks all day and wastes so much water and electricity, you've got to do something about it. The quickest, easiest and cheapest solution is to repair it with a water pump sealant.

Now you've got a second problem: from the laundry list of options out there; you'll have to choose the best water pump sealant. If you use just any adhesive that comes along, you'll need to go through the fix-up business again and again.

To help you out, our experts have done exhaustive research on the available sealers, and ten of them came on top. We've included the list here and some additional tips and tricks. So, let's get right into it.

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Editor's Rating


Henkel 908570 Silicone Waterproof Sealant

Henkel 908570 Silicone Waterproof Sealant

5 out of 5

DANCO Silicone Pump Sealant

DANCO Silicone Pump Sealant

5 out of 5

J-B Weld 31314 High-Temperature RTV Silicone Sealant

J-B Weld 31314 High-Temperature RTV Silicone Sealant

out of 5

Permatex 82180 Ultra Black RTV Silicone Sealant

Permatex 82180 Ultra Black RTV Silicone Sealant

5 out of 5

J-B Weld 32329 Ultimate Black RTV Silicone Sealant

J-B Weld 32329 Ultimate Black RTV Silicone Sealant

4.5 out of 5

Benefits of Using Water Pump Sealant

This section is redundant if you're an old wolf in this business. As for the newbies out there, here are some basics. The reasons why you should use a water-pump leak sealer.

Save Money

If you have a defective pump that leaks like hell, or maybe heaven, you may consider replacing it. Now, replacement costs money and time. Instead of buying a new one, you should fix the old pump using a sealant for water pumps.

In this way, you can save tons of money. Refurbishing faulty equipment is good for the planet earth as well.

An Impenetrable Seal

You can fix the leaky pump through some mechanical means as well. But they're incomplete solutions, like clamping or bolting.

Instead, an exhaust gasket sealer will completely stop the leakage because of its adhesive properties. And you can get that at a low cost, which is a blessing.

Avoid Further Damage

A pump thermostat seal is instrumental in preventing further damage to the pump. Your defective pump may deteriorate further due to seepage-erosion or by corrosive chemicals. This will cause more trouble and will be a drain on your pocket!


Harmful chemicals can get into the water flow and cause severe health hazards. To put yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way, you must fix up the pump with a gasket sealant for water pumps.

Our Top 10 Best Water Pump Sealant Reviews

After a grindingly extensive glue hunt through the water pump sealants available, our team has picked out a list of 10. Check it out. You'll definitely get the one you need.

1. Henkel 908570 Silicone Waterproof Sealant (2.7 oz)

Henkel 908570 Silicone Waterproof Sealant

Founded in 1876, Henkel is a veteran of the adhesive industry. The multi-billion-dollar company is globally known for producing high-quality sealants. This water pump sealant is one of those glues you can trust to fortify your pump.

Silicone is the chemical responsible for making an adhesive waterproof. Like most other waterproof sealants of Loctite, this water pump sealer is thoroughly embedded with silicone. This makes the glue perfectly capable of hundred percent waterproofing.

You can easily apply this water pump sealant and solve the leaking problem for good. If the pump you've bought is prone to leakage, you may take the initiative and seal it in advance. This glue can make permanent bonds with most rubbers and plastics; on top of that, it's ideal for metal. So, it's a perfect candidate for sealant for water pumps.

The gasket sealant will set in within 45 minutes. For a complete cure, you'll have to wait one day. Then you'll get a clear, professional finish. The water pump sealant is flexible, so the thermal contraction or expansion won't be an issue either.

Besides being water-resistant, the glue can withstand extremely high temperatures, both hot and cold. Mud, snow, sun, it can successfully resist all elemental damages. So, no matter which climate or season you're in, this gasket sealer has got your back.

Highlighted Features

  • The silicone formula makes it 100% waterproof
  • Can resist extreme temperatures
  • Flexible can adjust for thermal expansion or contraction
  • Results in a clean and smooth finish
  • Ideal for rubber and metal

2. DANCO Silicone Pump Sealant (0.5 oz.)

DANCO Silicone Pump Sealant

Being one of the biggest companies in home improvement, Danco is famed for its user-friendly and affordable goods and services. Homeowners throughout the US trust them for producing high-quality sealants for water pump leakage.

Each tube contains 0.35 ounces of water pump sealant, enough for any quick fix of your pump. The glue is completely odorless. So, while applying it, you won't be exposed to the unpleasant and unhealthy chemicals many conventional sealants come with.

This adhesive is oxidation-resistant. Thus, the oxidizing agents that may flow through your water supply won't damage its bonds. It makes the gasket sealer extremely durable. Because of its innovative formula, once you've applied the sealant, your leaky pump will be fixed once and for all.

An optimized amount of silicone is embedded into the pump sealer. This silicone makes the glue completely waterproof. The sealant is also highly resistant to elemental damage that extremely high or low temperatures may cause. So, whatever weather condition you're in, the sealant will serve you well.

As for the safety of your water supply, rest assured that the water pump sealant won't leak any harmful chemicals within the range of -40 to 400-degree Fahrenheit.

Highlighted Features

  • The silicone sealant is completely waterproof
  • NSF 61 certified can ensure drinking water safety
  • Resists oxidation and last for years
  • It stays functional at very high and low temperatures
  • Odorless, so you won't be bothered when applying

3. J-B Weld 31314 High-Temperature RTV Silicone Sealant

J-B Weld 31314 High-Temperature RTV Silicone Sealant

Sam and Mary Bonham founded J-B Weld in the late sixties. A poetically perfect example of the American Dream, it has become a world-famous brand for its high-quality products. The water pump sealants it produces are some of the best in the market.

The bonds of this sealant form are exceptionally tough. This allows the gasket sealant to withstand extremely high water pressures. With a 5020 psi tensile strength, you can trust this adhesive for holding the joints of industrial pumps.

Its high mechanical strength is coupled with an equally impressive thermal resistance. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 650-degree Fahrenheit, it's perfectly suitable for most industrial settings. So, this gasket sealer can be trusted for household applications without any second thought.

Each tube comes with 3 fluid ounces of sealant, enough to conduct an extensive overhauling of a pump. Once you've pulled out your DIY stunt, the pump leak sealant will set in within one hour. Over time, its bonds will grow even stronger.

This sealant for a water pump is extremely versatile. So, you'll be able to kill many birds with this stone. The silicone adhesive is completely waterproof and heat resistant, suitable for all climates. With all these features, it stands out among its peers in the marathon for the best sealant for the water pump.

Highlighted Features

  • Hundred percent waterproof silicone sealant
  • It can withstand high industrial temperatures up to 650º F
  • Forms extremely tough, reliable bonds (5020 psi)
  • Can stay functional in very high water pressure
  • Suitable for any climatic condition and immune to most elemental damages

4. Permatex 82180 Ultra Black RTV Silicone Sealant (3.35 oz.)

Permatex 82180 Ultra Black RTV Silicone Sealant

With the experience of more than a hundred years, Permatex is one of the most trusted adhesive brands. Its products boast a perfect combination of quality and affordability. This Ultra Black water pump sealant didn't stray far from the flock.

As the name suggests, this is a silicone sealant. Silicone molecules are responsible for the waterproofing quality of glues. Thus, this silicone water pump leak sealer can provide an extremely reliable seal against water slippage. Glue up your pump with it, and you won't have to look back.

This gasket sealer is highly flexible because of the optimal combination of ingredients. And unlike many average adhesives, it retains its flexibility through the years. This quality makes the exhaust gasket sealer immune to thermal expansion and contraction leakage.

The glue comes packed in an easy-to-squeeze tube, and the glue can be applied with ease. It has a very low odor, so one more problem crossed out. You can apply it to metals such as brass, steel, aluminum, and steel. Its 3.35 oz package is more than enough for any pump repair work you may come across.

This gasket sealer for water pumps can maintain its functionalities at temperatures as high as 500º F. A -65º F freezing condition doesn't harm it either. This prevents contamination of water. The sealer is suitable for all weather conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • The silicone sealant is completely waterproof
  • It can withstand temperatures from -65º F to 500º F
  • High adhesive quality allows for strong bonds
  • Flexible bondings are extremely durable
  • It can fill up to ¼-inch gaps
  • Highly oil-resistant, perfect for industrial uses and radiators

5. J-B Weld 32329 Ultimate Black RTV Silicone Sealant

J-B Weld 32329 Ultimate Black RTV Silicone Sealant

Founded in 1969, J-B Weld is famed for producing many high-quality adhesives. Through the better part of half a century, they've built their reputation by producing glues that can bring defective tools back to life.

Using this RTV sealant is a true pleasure. You won't have to use any release agent. Have a leaky pump? With all the great qualities of mold rubber, this water pump leak sealer can completely seal off the defect. It will stop the leakage so perfectly as if the joint is a newly molded one!

It can triumphantly overcome weathering, chemical damage, etc. So, no matter which climate you're in, this pump sealant will suit you perfectly. Soil condition won't be an issue either.

The exhaust gasket sealer is specifically designed for withstanding oil corrosion. This oil-resistant quality allows you to use it in industrial environments and automobiles. Your radiator pump is leaky? You're lucky! This glue can fix that for you. Regarding industrial use, the sealer can resist temperatures up to 500º F.

Three fluid ounces per tube, this gasket sealant for water pumps can take care of any repair job you may come across. With high toughness and high resistance, this glue will last for ages.

Highlighted Features

  • Immune to oil damage, ideal for radiator pumps
  • Forms extremely tough bonds and thus can endure the test of time
  • All-weather compatible because of high chemoresistance
  • It can be applied without any release agent
  • Mold-like bond structure gives complete sealing

6. Permatex 81160 High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Sealer (3 oz)

Permatex 81160 High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Sealer

Starting in 1909, Prematex has become a trusted name in workshops, service stations, and garages all over the US. The brand has thrived because of its perfect combination of inventiveness and genuine care for customer satisfaction.

This sealant for the water pump is perfectly suitable for an industrial setting. It can completely resist the variation of temperatures from a high point of 500ºF to a -65ºF low point. The water pump leak sealant is compatible with heavy-duty plastics most metals, including different alloys, bi-metals, iron, and aluminum.

This silicone adhesive is hundred percent watertight. Capable of forming extremely tough interlocking bonds, this gasket sealer can form seals that will last for years. The vigorous adhesion of the glue doubly reinforces these bonds. Its innovative formula enables you to fix your leaky pump once and for all.

You can trust this watertight, oil-proof, temperature-resistant water pump sealant for any weather and soil condition. It's a perfect choice for fixing up your radiator pump.

Have you previously fixed something only to find a skinny and cracked seal later? This water pump sealant is designed to resist migration, shrinkage, or cracks to troubleshoot this problem.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly resistant to migrations, shrinks, and cracks
  • Completely water-resistant, suitable for all weathers
  • Can operate within 500º F to -65º F
  • Oil-resistant, ideal for fixing radiator pumps
  • Great adhesive qualities and tough bonding make it extremely durable

7. J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Epoxy Putty Stick (2 oz.)

J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Epoxy Putty Stick

This is the third and final pump sealer from J-B Weld on our list. As we mentioned earlier, this company started as a family-owned business out in Texas. Because of the high quality of their glues, they've gained popularity throughout the US and beyond.

The tube comes packed with 59.14 mL putty. Once you take it, squeeze and massage the putty into a finely meshed lump, it turns into an extremely potent water pump leak sealer. If you're worried about the safety of the handling process, you can relax its NSF-certified.

Once you've prepared the paste, make sure to waste no time. The water pump thermostat sealer is there to make short work on any leakage or crack; it'll set within 25 minutes. Complete curing will take around an hour. Once cured, it'll be white with slightly gray or yellowish shades.

This exhaust gasket sealer is highly versatile. You can join metal, plastic-composite, PVC, ceramic; you name it!

Because of its high water resistance, usability on wet surfaces, and even underwater, you can completely trust your pump with it. The water pump sealer can also resist salt corrosion. So, if your pump handles saltwater, there is nothing to worry about.

Usable at 350º F intermittent and 300º F constant temperature, the water pump gasket sealer is perfect for industrial and automotive pumps. With 1300 psi shear strength, you'll get bonds of steel.

Highlighted Features

  • The sealant cures fast, within an hour
  • NSF-certified, safe to use in the drinking water supply
  • Can withstand high constant temperature, 300º F
  • Oil and salt-resistant, extremely versatile
  • 1300-psi high strength bonds

8. Permatex Ultra Gray High-Vibration RTV Silicone Sealer

Permatex Ultra Gray High-Vibration RTV Silicone Sealer

Permatex is a company specialized in designing and producing heavy-duty chemical tools. With constant innovation and an unyielding determination to maintain the high quality of its products, they've remained on top of the game for decades.

The secret behind the extreme strength of this sealer for water pumps lies in its microstructure. This RTV silicone sealant, once applied, starts thoroughly embedding itself onto the surface.
Its mold-like quality allows it to reach through the unevenness of the surface. Thus, the bonds you get boast steel-strong toughness.

From a high point of 500°F (260°C) to a -65°F (-54°C) low point, the water pump leak sealer can sustain itself effortlessly. So, if you're looking for glue for an industrial pump, you've come to the right place. The water pump sealant is completely waterproof.

The highly oil-resistant sealer is a perfect choice for fixing up your radiator pump. Not to mention, the gasket sealant is also non-corrosive. So, unlike some low-quality glues, it won't release chemicals that'll damage your equipment.

OEM certified this pump thermostat sealer is extremely durable. It's easy to use. Low-odor and doesn't have the annoying smells you despise so much. Suppose your pump has high vibrations issues, cheers!

The water pump sealant has high vibration resistance. It is definitely among the top three, if not the best water pump sealant.

Highlighted Features

  • It can operate at high temperatures, suitable for industrial pumps
  • High adhesive qualities result in extremely tough bonds
  • Vibration resistant, ideal for pumps with vibration defects
  • Its OEM is specified as highly durable
  • Low-odor, non-corrosive, thus easy-to-use

9. Gorilla Clear 100% Silicone Sealant

 Gorilla Clear 100% Silicone Sealant

Few brands of glue are so adored in American households as the Gorilla Glue. With their Gorilla advertisements, they've won the hearts of millions. But their true strength lies in the extreme toughness of their adhesives.

The most outstanding of its features is the super-fast speed with which it cures. Once you apply this water pump leak sealer, it'll cure within 30 minutes. It'll be completely water-ready, and it pulls this marvelous stunt without compromising the toughness of the bonds.

Its hundred percent silicone formula allows the sealer to be completely waterproof. The sealant can resist water damage and all other elemental damages, for that matter. This makes the water leakage sealer suitable for indoor and outdoor uses in any climatic condition.

With a minimum application temperature of 40º F and service temperatures between a maximum of 350º F to a minimum of -40º F, this water pump sealant is perfectly usable in any industrial pump. Its oil-resistant feature allows you to use it in the radiator pump of your car as well.

If you're worried about the mildew and molds, worry no more! The water pump leak sealer is completely resistant to those organisms. Its flexible bonds formed by this glue won't shrink. So, bye-bye cracks!

Additionally, this slick-clear sealant won't yellow over time. If you call it the best gasket sealant for water pumps, few will be able to disagree.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely durable, it doesn't shrink or crack
  • Fast-cures within only 30 minutes
  • Innovative silicone formula renders 100% waterproof seals
  • Can operate in temperatures up to 350º F, suitable for industrial and automobile use
  • Heat and moisture resistant, usable in any weather condition

10. Permatex High Tack Gasket Sealant

Permatex High Tack Gasket Sealant

The last and final water pump sealant on our list is from Permatex. This adhesive giant has scored four out of the glues on the list. They're known for their high quality yet economically competitive products.

This sealant is specifically designed for its high tackiness. Once you apply the glue, it'll lock on both surfaces right away. Thus the gasket sealer will save you from the hurdle of clamping or holding the pump for a long time.

Being highly resistant to oils such as kerosene, butane, gasoline, etc., and antifreeze, the water pump thermostat sealant is perfect for automobile pumps. Its sensor-safe quality makes it even more suitable.

Each can comes with 4 liquid ounces of highly tacky sealant for the water pump. The sealer maintains its tackiness indefinitely, and dries into a flexible watertight seal.

Its flexibility keeps it out of harm's way during high vibrations and movements. By the same token, the water pump sealant remains waterproof during the thermal expansion of the pump.

A wide range of operating temperatures makes the water-resistant adhesive suitable for any weather condition. Its temperature range is -65°F to 500°F. This means the water pump thermostat sealer is also usable in industrial pumps.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly tacky, quickly locks on the defective parts
  • Corrosion and water-resistant, thus suitable for all weathers
  • Flexible, it can keep the seal waterproof during thermal expansion
  • Having an operational range of -65°F to 500°F, it is industrially usable
  • Oil-resistant, suitable for radiator pumps

Things to Consider Before Buying Water Pump Sealant

To help you overcome the midst of confusion, here's a Buying Guide for water pump sealant. We actually went through a bit more nuanced analysis. So, let's take a look at that part, shall we?


It's an obvious feature to look for when buying a water pump sealant. Suppose the adhesive cannot vigorously spread onto the surface and completely penetrate its nooks and crannies. In that case, the sealing won't be waterproof. Silicone-based glues are best for waterproofing.

Water Resistance

Don't confuse water resistance with waterproofing. This sealing can stop the seepage of water, whereas a water-resistant water pump leak sealer can withstand the corrosive effects of water. The former can be detected within a short time. As for the latter, it comes into effect only after long exposure.


The property determines how thoroughly the sealant gets bonded with the substrate. This is extremely important to ensure the waterproof feature of the exhaust gasket sealer. Adhesion is also responsible for the strength of the joint between the gasket and the seal.


This property is critical to ensure the flexibility of the seal. If the seal is flexible, it will withstand high vibrations and movements. Otherwise, a rigid seal will easily break due to vibration and start licking again. So, make sure the pump sealant you buy has good elastic properties.

Elasticity is also important to keep the seal watertight during the thermal expansion of the pump. A combination of good adhesion and elasticity will allow the expansion of the seal due to the stretching effect of the joints, without the bonds themselves getting damaged.

Operational Range of Temperature

If where you live has extreme temperatures, let's say, cold, the seal may shrink and crack. Extremely hot climates also have their fair share of issues. Make sure the gasket sealant for water pumps can withstand the environmental temperature.

The sealant must have high thermal resistance if applied on industrial pumps with a high temperature - the same goes for fixing up the radiator pump of your car.

Corrosion Resistance

A water pump sealant must be capable of resisting the corrosive effects of different chemicals. For industrial and automobile uses, resistance to oil is a must. Agricultural pumps should also be sealed with water pump sealants that can withstand different fertilizers and mud corrosion.

Non-Emission Material

In industrial applications, chemicals emitted from a pump seal may damage the equipment if these chemicals have corrosive properties. In the case of drinking water, the issue is way more sensitive. You must make sure the sealer you're buying is certified by the government agencies such as NSF.

Method of Application and Curing Time

Sealants can be applied either by a caulk gun or directly. For heavy-duty repair work, get the one with the gun. Small-scale repairs won't need a gun. If you need urgent fixing, buy a water pump leak sealer that cures fast. There are glues on our list that can be water-ready within half an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which type of sealants is the most suitable for water pumps?

For use on a water pump, you need completely watertight glue. Silicone sealants, especially those with 100% silicone formula, can completely seal cracks and form a waterproof seal. So, you may use a silicone sealant.

In the case of pumps with vibration issues, or those constantly on the move, like radiator pumps, the flexibility of the gasket sealant is also essential. Thermal resistance is a critical property that the water pumps sealant must have to repair industrial or automobile pumps.

Silicone sealants are both suitable and can withstand high temperatures. Thus some of the best water pump sealers are silicone-based adhesives.

2. Can I apply a new sealant on an old seal?

We strongly recommend completely removing the old adhesive layer and then applying a new one. Old and new layers of exhaust gasket sealer do form bonds. But these joints won't be as strong as a uniform, cohesive seal.

3. How do I prepare the surface before gluing it up?

Some water pump sealants can be applied on a wet surface without even wiping off the water. Our list includes a few of those. You can use them directly without much surface preparation.

But, for the best result, clean up the surface with lacquer thinner or spirits. Make sure you wipe off the solvent before it can dry up. Then apply the sealant for water pumps.

4. The glue has dried up in the tube; what should I do!?

If the water pump sealant has become hard inside the tube, it has prematurely cured. Cured glue simply cannot be used.

Probably you did not close the cap properly, or the adhesive has passed its expiration date. If it has, well, bad luck. But if the date is yet to be exceeded, you may get a refund for it. Make sure to check out the date before you buy a sealer for water pump leaks.

5. How long do I need to wait for the sealant to cure completely?

Curing time varies, from one glue to another. Environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture can also impact the process, speed it up or slow it down. Dry conditions may cause the water pump sealant to take almost two days to cure. There are sealants on our list that can cure within an hour or even less.

Wrap Up

With all this wealth of information in your arsenal, probably you're confident enough to make your pick. If you haven't found the best water pump sealant yet, here is a quick suggestion for you.

For an overall experience, Henkel 908570 Silicone Waterproof Sealant is the best option you have. Moreover, DANCO Silicone Pump Sealant is another excellent choice. Well, no matter what you pick from here, you'll never have any complaint; that's guaranteed!

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