How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete (Different Methods)

Is it just only me or seeing cracks in concrete, wide or small, also drives everybody nuts? Well, maybe some people can overlook that crack in the concrete but I believe those cracks make you cringe too.

If not, you wouldn't be here too. Luckily, I'm going to show you how to easily fix these cracks. Now, you can finally put an end to them making your house look like a giant spider's crib (lol).

The truth is, concrete driveway, paths, etc are very durable. However, as time rolls into years, they begin to crack open. So, It is best to repair cracks as soon as they start to appear.

This way, you probably won't have to spend too much fixing them. So, got a wide crack in your concrete? Here's how to fix it.

What You Need

To successfully fix a huge crack, you need to start by preparing the crack. Sometimes, you might need to widen the crack to help you dislodge loose concrete.

Also, the width of the crack should determine the type of repair mix that you would need. If your crack is about 1/8 inches wide or lesser, then a latex or epoxy mix would be fine.

However, if the crack is wider than 1/8 inches, use a mortar mix. Aside from the concrete repair mix, here is the equipment you would need to successfully fix a wide crack in your concrete.

1. Chisel


2. Hammer


3. Concrete repair mix (latex or epoxy) 

Concrete repair mix

4. Mortar Mix 

Mortar Mix

5. Bucket 


6. Margin Trowel or Putting Knife

Putting Knife

7. Finishing Trowel

Finishing Trowel

8. Wire Brush

Wire Brush

9. Broom


10. Protective Gear

Protective Gear

11. Water hose/ Pressure washer

Pressure washer

12. Dry paintbrush

Dry paintbrush

How To Fix the Cracks in Concrete

Step One:

Get your materials ready. Before you launch into the full crack repair mode, you need to get your materials needed. The heart of the repair is the repair mix. 

For the sake of emphasis, you cannot fix a concrete crack with concrete. You need to use a repair mix from a very good brand. There are various concrete repair mixes but you can get a vinyl concrete patcher.

One of the best brands in the Sakrete Top 'N Bond Concrete Patcher. It would do a great repair job. Also, you might need to put on protective gear which includes a mask, a jumpsuit, gloves, boots, etc.

The reason is that getting rid of the loose concrete might spiral into a dusty affair sooner than you expect.

Step Two: 

Prep the concrete. When concrete cracks, it always has loose ends. Honestly, you do not want to directly apply the concrete mix on it, just like that. 

It won't successfully latch on to the concrete. So, first, you have to get rid of the loose ends. To successfully do this, your hammer and chisel would come in handy here.

While you get rid of the loose concrete, you can further widen the crack on the floor. Fun fact: widening the crack would help you to easily get rid of the loose concrete.

With the help of a wire brush, scrub off the particles. You do not want any loose concrete still hanging on the cracked end of the concrete. Sweep the debris with a broom.

Step Three:

With the help of a pressure washer or a water hose, spray off the dirt from the surface, after using a wire brush. 

The pressure water only ensures that you thoroughly get rid of loose concrete. As a result, the concrete repair would sit firmly on the crack.

Step Four:

Now, the width of the crack determines the product to use. If the crack is not more than 1/8 inches wide, then, you can use a concrete product mix. 

Simply follow the mixing instructions that came with it. But, if it is wider, then you might need to either create a mortar mix yourself or just buy one online.

If you want to create your mortar mix yourself, you'll need a few things like Portland cement (One part), masonry sand (Three parts), and water.

Mix these three to form a thick consistency that can be applied to the crack with either a putty knife or a margin trowel. Just ensure that there are no lumps in the concrete mix.

Step Five:

Apply the mix on the cracked concrete. Ensure that you thoroughly fill the void and air pockets in the cracks while applying the concrete mix. 

Keep adding the concrete mix until you cover the cracks to the top. By now, you should no longer see the crack but the concrete mix latching on tightly and firmly to the crack.

Step Six: 

Using a finishing trowel, smoothen out the surface. It would also help you get the concrete deeper into the void. The finishing trowel will help you put finishing touches to repairing the crack.

To have a smooth surface that is even with the other parts of your concrete, you need to use the finishing trowel. It also gets rid of the excess concrete mix on the concrete.

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Step Seven:

Using a brush, blend the newly repaired surface with the pre-existing concrete. A dry paintbrush will help you do this effectively. 

Then, wait for two hours or more for the patches to cure. Proceed to seal off the area you just fixed to avoid anyone unintentionally ruining your hard work.

Viola! You just fixed the crack in your concrete.


Now that you know how to transform your concrete- from looking like it was affected by a mini earthquake to looking like a proper house, go for it.

With Amazon at the snap of your finger, you can get the equipment you need. Just be sure to buy your concrete repair mix from a trustworthy brand.

Nevertheless, if you do not feel up to the task, then, it is perfectly okay to seek the help of a professional. Whatever you do, do not keep ignoring the crack.

Aside from the fact that it could be dangerous, the crack can keep getting wider and deeper. If this happens, you definitely would have to pay a lot of money to get it fixed.

You don't want that right? Neither do we. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, get into the repair mode.

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