7 Best Metal Roof Screws Reviews with Buying Guide

It was an amazing day when the rain started hitting the world again after a hot summer. Wasn't it just a day of relief? But suddenly, you start feeling like a chill on your backbone right after hearing your favorite roofless Mustang got all wet from the leak of your garage's roof. Not loving the rain anymore, are you?

But it’s not the rain’s fault but yours as you’re the one who used those low-grade fasteners instead of the best metal roof screws. Would you like to fix that up? Well, you're not too late yet. Let's get started with it, then?

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Benefits of Using Metal Roof Screws

No matter whatever we say, it’ll be nothing but some useless chit-chat until you know why you need to use metal roof screws in the first place. So, before you go for the swipe, you better know the benefits that you’ll get right out of them. Well, there’s a ton of them. So, let’s focus on the major ones.


As metal roof screws are meant to deal with all the external hazards like sunlight and rain, they're capable of sustaining for a long time. So, once you install them, you won't have to go for repurchase in years.

Ease of Installation

If it breaks the hell of sweat out of you, then maybe it’s not exactly what you’re looking for. But in the case of metal roof screws, we bet you won’t have to put any extra effort. All you’re going to need is just the right tool.

Better Sealing

When you don't want to welcome the rainwater again in your room, then you need something that keeps the sealing literally impenetrable. Well, for that, you can rely on metal roof screws even with closed eyes. As they come with the right washers, you're going to get nothing but the perfect sealing.

Our Top 7 Best Metal Roof Screws

It’s time to put an end to your wait with our top 7 metal roof screws. Ready for the first one? Here it comes –


Have you lately got a beautiful steel shelf made for your garage but not understanding if those regular fasteners can hold it on your wooden wall? Well, team ACORN INTERNATIONAL has come up with a solution for you – the SW-MW1G250 screws.

We don’t know how many metal-to-wood screws you’ve tried so far, but this one can probably do better than any of them. Thanks to its heat-treated C1022 steel construction for giving it all the toughness you need. The 1000-hrs of dacro coating worked like a cherry on the top here.

By the way, do you need them for roofing or siding applications? Because these #9-15 metal-to-wood screws can get through the tough metal surfaces, you know.

But what you're going to love the most about these self-piercing screws is that they're not only super easy to install but also will eat up less of your time and effort.

There’s one more thing that has just taken the appeal of this screw to a whole other level. It’s the 1/4" hex head with the assembled EPDM washer. But don’t think it’ll only make driving easier but will also create a sealing that is next to impossible to leak.

Now, the question is, what if someone tries to pull it out? Well, its twin-lead type-17 point is backed by hi-lo threads. They’re not there to let you drive faster only. They’ll also make it harder than ever to pull out. And of course, you can choose your one from the 11 different colors, just to match with your roof.

Highlighted Features

  • Heat-treated C1022 steel construction ensures durability
  • #9-15 metal-to-wood screws helps with different applications
  • Self-piercing design eases up the installation
  • 1/4" hex head makes the driving easier than ever
  • EPDM washer ensures a long-lasting and secured sealing

2. Jake Sales 10 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screws

Looking for a reliable name for some high-end metal roof screws? Well, we’ve got one for you. It’s the Jake Sales that has come up with their 10 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screws.

These screws can easily go through all those 10-gauge metal sheets like a piece of paper. What else can you expect from an alloy steel construction like this? On top of that, to turn them into one of the finest screws out there, the makers have made them undergo 1,000-hrs of salt-spray testing.

Wait a minute! Do you think they’ll get caught up with the corrosion issues like other cheap screws? Well, these screws are galvanized. So, it’s the corrosion that you won’t have to worry about at all. By the way, they come in 39 different colors, in case you feel like you’ll run out of options here.

And guess what? You don’t need to deal with the faded painting issues anymore as well. With the two-part polyurethane painting all over these metal-to-wood roofing screws, it’s kind of impossible for you to see peeling colors any sooner.

So, what you've got in mind this time - metal roofing or siding? That's not going to be a problem for these self-piercing screws, and the same goes for preventing leaking too. Otherwise, what's the meaning of having EPDM washers there?

Are you seeing that 1/4" hex screw head? This means an easier installation process waiting ahead for you. All you need to do is bring in your 1/4" nut driver and make it useful.

Highlighted Features

  • 1,000-hrs of salt-spray testing made the screw’s quality better
  • Self-piercing design helps with metal roofing or siding applications
  • The EPDM washer leaves no scope for leaking
  • 1/4" hex screw head makes the installation convenient
  • Two-part polyurethane painting ensures color durability

3. Chenango Supply 35ES#10200G-B

It’s time to check out our third contender for the crown of the best metal roof screws. But we won’t get surprised if you’ve already heard the name a hundred times before. Yes, we’re talking about the Chenango Supply, and this time they’ve got the 35ES#10200G-B in their bag.

Like all those finest screws you've seen so far, this one also comes with the hex head. This means your hassle on installation just got a full stop right there. Just come up with your screw gun, and with the blink of an eye, it'll go right into the surface.

And, of course, the makers didn't forget to give in an EPDM washer. If you do it perfectly, there's no way for even a drop of water to pass through the sealing. But what often gets us confused while getting the metal roof screws is if they can keep up with the corrugated surfaces or not. Well, these screws surely can do that.

Are you missing the anti-corrosion feature? Don’t worry; the anti-corrosion coating is here to save your day. Now, you can use them on all your projects without having any ‘corrosion’ nightmare.

But no matter how good the coating is, the screws will still be worthless if they can’t stand against the external hazards. So, the makers have given them strong steel construction so that they can last for years. And to eliminate the use of power drills, they come with a sharp point that can easily penetrate metal sheets.

Highlighted Features

  • EPDM washer ensures a robust sealing
  • Anti-corrosion coating saves from corrosion in the long run
  • Hex head helps with quicker installation
  • Coated steel construction ensures higher durability
  • Comes with sharp points that make the drilling easier

4. Jake Sales 10 x 1" Metal Roof Screw

 Jake Sales Metal Roof Screw

Looks like team Jake Sales is not happy with just one slot in the topper’s list. So, they’ve come back to take another one on the list. Well, this time, they've come back with the 10 x 1" Metal Roof Screw.

One thing that was impossible to ignore in this screw is the build quality, which has gone to a much higher level this time. Seems using Mechanical Galvanized Steel as the prime material wasn't a bad idea after all.

To keep up the quality up to the mark, they've once again taken the screw through 1,000-hrs of salt-spray testing. So, if you're expecting to see the attack of corrosion any sooner, then you better forget it. Plus, the two-part polyurethane paint has boosted the life expectancy of the color a few times higher than ordinary screws.

And guess what is the point type this time? Yes, the type 17 point. So, once you start putting this screw in, there are three things that you can say goodbye to, once and for all – uncleaned hole, ragged edges, and difficulty in penetration.

Hold on a second! Are you worried about not having the proper sealing? Well, with the EPDM washer, this self-piercing screw will create a sealing that will cut off any chance of water going to the other side.

Highlighted Features

  • Mechanical galvanized steel construction improved the build quality
  • 1,000-hrs of salt-spray testing enhanced the durability
  • Two-part polyurethane paint ensures long-lasting color quality
  • The type 17 point gets rid of uncleaned holes and ragged edges
  • EPDM washer seals the hole in every way

5. Generic 35ES#10150G

Generic 35ES#10150G

No, we don’t deny that it’s kind of tough to find out the right screws when you need something perfect for your metal-to-wood applications. But we guess we’ve got an option for you that you’d love to give a shot. It’s the 35ES#10150G from Generic.

As it’s the durability that you’ll check out, maybe the construction is what you need to know about in the first place. It’s metal. So, if you think you’ll have to give up on it like any other low-end screws, then you’re going to be disappointed to know that this one is a horse of a long race.

To make you forget about your drill and cut off the drilling hassle, this self-starting screw comes with a sharp-straight point that can get through all your metal roofing. And once you’re done, the EPDM washer will seal the hole in a way that you’ll have no choice but to say goodbye to leakage.

And the rust? Put it on the list of 'impossible' as its rust-proof coating will go nowhere for years. This means once you install this #10 x 1-1/2" screw, you won't have to look back to check out if it has caught rust or not. And, of course, the hex head will be there to ease up the installation too.

Highlighted Features

  • Metal construction maximizes the durability
  • Self-starting screw allow uninterrupted penetration with a sharp point
  • The rust-proof coating keeps the rust away for a long time
  • Corrosion-resistant mechanism eliminates the chance of corrosion
  • Hex head makes the installation simpler

6. Chenango Supply 35ES#10100G-B

Chenango Supply 35ES#10100G-B

That's the thing we love the most about top brands. They just don't get satisfied after bringing one quality product and love to keep going till they get more. Chenango Supply ain't any different, and the 35ES#10100G-B is the proof.

This screw with metal construction represents team Chenango Supply’s urge to keep the durability level on the peak all the time. So, we don’t think it’s hard for you to assume that this one is built to last longer.

With the hex washer head, having the screw gun will be more than enough to install the screw. Sounds like the installation turned into a piece of cake, doesn’t it? Well, you’ve still got a lot more to hear.

To seal the hole with perfection, the makers got the screw EPDM washer.

Now, when there is rain all over the roof, they all will have to stay outside like a stranger as the seal ain't going to let them in. And you're totally free to use this sharp-pointed screw for corrugated roofing or corrugated siding.

By the way, the screw might not have a ton of color variation, but you won't have to suffer for the right size at all. So, which one do you need? It's not going to be a problem, though, as it’s got all the sizes from #9 - 1" to #10 - 3". And don't worry about the corrosion. The anti-corrosion coating got it all covered for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Metal construction ensures a better durability level
  • EPDM washer makes the water impossible to get in
  • Comes with a size variation from #9 - 1" to #10 - 3"
  • The anti-corrosion coating prevents the corrosion
  • Sharp-pointed screw compatible on both corrugated roofing and siding

7. Jake Sales 12 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screw

Jake Sales 12 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screw

Ready for the last one our least? Well, it’s probably a name that you’ve already got memorized. Can you guess what that can be? Yup! You’ve got it right. It’s the Jake Sales again with their 12 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screw.

This Sharp Point ReGrip Screw can easily put a hole in 12-gauge steel sheets. But won’t it be a tough task for you? With the 1/4" hex head, that’s not going to be a big deal for your screw gun, especially when it doesn’t need any pre-drilling.

So, how big is your roof? It doesn’t matter as the 250 screws within the package will be more than enough to cover the whole area.

Now, the natural gray color it caught through the galvanizing process won’t stop you from matching with the roof color. That’s because 13 different color options are here to make the pick easy.

And if the leakage is what scared the hell out of you earlier, then its EPDM washer seal is here to get you out of that once and for all. Plus, this mechanical galvanized steel made screw is so high on durability that you won’t check out any metal roof screws in the next few years for sure.

Highlighted Features

  • Mechanical galvanized steel construction makes it last long
  • 13 different colors ease up matching with the roof color
  • EPDM washer seal takes out the possibility of leakage
  • 250 screws in the package can cover a bigger area
  • 1/4" hex head allows quicker installation

Comparison Chart Of Best Metal Roof Screws




Drive System

Number of Pieces



#9 - 15

External Hex


Jake Sales 10 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screws

Alloy Steel


External Hex, Torx


Chenango Supply 35ES#10200G-B

Coated Steel

#9 -10

External Hex


Jake Sales 10 x 1" Metal Roof Screws

Mechanical Galvanized Steel


External Hex


Generic 35ES#10150G



External Hex


Chenango Supply 35ES#10100G-B


#9 - 10

External Hex


Jake Sales 12 x 1-1/2" Metal Roof Screw

Mechanical Galvanized Steel


External Hex


Things to Consider Before Buying Metal Roof Screws

You’re not in the mood to waste some more bucks on that roof, are you? If your answer is No, then you need to get ready to pick up the best metal roof screws this time. But how are you planning to pull that off? Well, the answer is simple. Just find out the things that make screws a better choice, such as –

Understanding the Application

What you need to check out first is what kind of application you've got in mind for the screws. Doesn't matter if you're asking the screws to handle metal-to-metal to metal-to-wood applications, check out if they're compatible with it or not. Usually, the makers mention which surfaces you can use them.


If you say that 70% of having better performance depends on the right size, then we can’t say you’re wrong at all. Some of us think that having the oversized metal roof screws will get them a better grip, and some prefer the smaller ones to keep it low-key.

But the fact is, in both ways, the result won't come in your favor. You need to pick the right size every time. That's because the smaller ones can't get you a stronger grip, and oversized ones might tear the wooden surface you're drilling on.

Washer Size

Are you looking for some better sealing? Then, go for nothing but a bigger washer. That's because the bigger it'll be, the better sealing you'll get. But there's a problem with that too, though it's nothing major. Oversized washers might make the waved metal surfaces look a bit odd, but we bet that won't hurt you much.

Hi-Lo Threads

When you see the screws with Hi-Lo threads, then you don’t need to hold any doubt on them having a firm grip. Moreover, they minimize the overall installation time.

What kind of thread will be more useful for you depends on the application you’ve got in mind, still Hi-Lo threads have been proved effective in most of them. Usually, the type 17 fasteners are more of a better choice when you need to have a cleaner hole. Plus, they also eliminate rugged edges.

Corrosion Protection

Isn’t it what you’d like to have in any of those screws? So, make sure the one you’re picking also comes with this feature. Galvanized fasteners have a good reputation for being corrosion resistant. But depending on the surface, you might have to go for the one made of stainless steel as well.

Rust Resistant

What can freak you out better than rust on your fasteners? Well, nobody said that you couldn't pick the one with rust resistance. To be honest, that's what you need to do in the first place.


Come on, admit it! You'd love to have matching fasteners, wouldn't you? If so, then why would you just go for screws that'll give your roof some odd look? Just choose fasteners with the right color and let them not mess with the color of your roof. But don't forget to choose the one that'll last longer.

Step By Step: Screws for Metal Roof Installation

Imagine having a toy right in front of you, detached piece by piece, and someone asks you to put it back together. But the problem is you've got no clue about how to get it done. Now, reimagine the same thing with a clear idea about each and every single step in the process. Sounding easy already, isn’t it?

Well, for installing metal roof screws, you need to walk on the same route – learning the steps. Don’t worry; We’ve got your back here. If you’re a true DIYer, then we bet you’re going to love it. So, let’s get started then?

Step – 1: Getting the Right Sized Screws

Isn't it the first thing you had in mind? But before getting that, you need to make sure the screws you're choosing will suit your application perfectly. The screws usually come with numbers like #10 – 13 x 1.5".

Here the number #10 indicates the diameter, 13 is the number of threads per inch, and 1.5" is the length of the screw. Knowing what the numbers indicate will make it easier for you to get what you need according to your application.

Step – 2: Getting a Screw Gun

You might be thinking wouldn’t it be great if you just could’ve used an impact gun knowing how powerful they are. Well, you’re welcome to try if you want to see some more screw failures.

Instead of that, try a screw gun that has an adjustable clutch and depth-sensing control. As you can adjust the torque here, there’s no chance of you over-tightening the screw.

Step – 3: Attach the Screw to the Screw Gun

Now, take a screw and add it to the bit of the screw gun. As the screws come in a self-piercing design, you won't need any pre-drilling there. By the way, before you do that, make sure you've drawn the chalk line on the surface so that you can maintain the alignment with the other screws.

Step – 4: Doing the Pre-drilling

If you’re worrying that the self-piercing design might not go right, then you better try pre-drilling. Usually, we don’t suggest pre-drilling because that’ll eat up a good amount of your time and energy.

So, if you really want to go for the pre-drilling, then draw a straight chalk line on the surface first. In case you feel like the line might get angled, then take a thread, put it on the surface after tying it on the other edge, and draw the line.

While drilling, you need to make sure that the holes will guide the screws straightly on the substrate. One wrong move there will be counted as an unfixable fault.

Step – 5: Start the Screw Gun and Start Drilling

It's time for the final step. Now, turn the gun on and start drilling. You need to be very careful this time and tighten the screws in a straightway. If you're working on a metal-to-wood surface, keep the RPM at 2500, and for steel substrate, you need to keep it at 2000 RPM.

As the gun has depth-sensing control, it won’t strip the screw head out and will get it tightened perfectly. But don’t put the screw in an angular way as that will make the sealing ineffective.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why using a screw gun is a better option for screw drilling?

When you’re drilling your metal roof for putting screws there, it’s the screw gun that can save you from overriding the screw.

2. What if the screws you’ve bought don’t have a protective coating?

Well, most of the screws these days come with protective coatings like galvanized or zinc. If your screws don’t have it, you better change them.

That’s because the absence of these coatings can lead to major issues like rusting. As replacement metal roof screws, you can go for screws made of stainless steel too.

3. What kind of screws give the weakest sealing?

Of course, the one without a washer. Washerless screws leave space at times that can allow water to go in.

4. Is it important to keep variations of screws?

Not if you’re working on a single type of metal roofing. But when you’re doing the opposite, we mean working with different types, then you better go for the variations.

5. What is the way to organize the screws?

If you’re working with a single type of screws, then it’s unnecessary, and keeping all of them in a container will be okay. But when there’s a variation, you better keep them secured in different containers.

Final Words

If you start making a list of things that can make your metal roofing better, then the screws probably will be among the top 3. But the problem starts when you pick the wrong one up for your project. The next things that come up with it are issues like the grip problem, rust, and of course, water leakage.

But you can get rid of all of these just with one simple decision – the decision of picking the best metal roof screws. As we’ve got every piece of info you need about these screws, we bet you can’t wait to grab your one. So, which one have you chosen this time?

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